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    Burning Vobs Without Re-encoding

    I'm having a heck of a time burning a DVD from a VOB file in Toast 9. I have a VOB file that I created in VisualHub. It's about 6.2GB (to burn on a dual-layer disc). The specs as shown in Toast: Video: MPEG-2, 720x480, 29.97 fps Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, 48000 Hz I select "DVD-Video" in Toast and drag the VOB into the window. Under "encoding" I have "Custom" selected. Inside of the settings, under Encoding, I have "Reencoding" set to "never." I've selected no menus. Audio is set to Dolby Digital. Toast shows "6.24 GB on 1 disc" and "Space Remaining: 1.72 GB" at the bottom of the window. Yet when I click the burn button, there is a lengthy "encoding" step, and then it tells me that there's not enough space on the disc because 8+ GB are required. WTF? Why is it insisting on re-encoding my very carefully-encoded VOB file? How do I get it to stop this? Thanks.
  2. sharding

    Gapless Audio Cd Finally Fixed?

    FWIW, Toast 6 runs on 10.5 for me, and worked ok on my G4 Powerbook under 10.5. However on my new MacBook Pro, Toast 6 will not burn gapless audio CDs. What exactly is the problem you've had with it in Toast 8? I was planning to buy Toast 9 in the hopes that it would fix the problems I've had with Toast 6 and gapless audio CDs on my new machine, but if it's totally broken, I'm not sure what I'll do (since even the older version no longer works right on my new hardware)....
  3. sharding

    Free Upgrade?

    Has Toast 9 officially been announced? There are a bunch of articles, but I haven't seen an official press release, and I can't find it mentioned anywhere on the Roxio site (other than here in the forums). I imagine that the official announcement may include more information... I just ordered Toast 8 from Amazon, but I'm just going to return it to them directly before opening it (unless I hear that Roxio will give me 9 for free and save me the couple of bucks of shipping costs for the return).
  4. sharding

    Toast 9

    Dude! Are you kidding me?! I just bought Toast 8 yesterday!!! ARGH!!!! Hopefully Amazon will take a return....
  5. sharding

    Dao Cd Audio On Uj-867 (new Macbook Pro)

    Hi all. I just got a new Macbook Pro, which appears to come with a new model of optical drive -- Matshita UJ-867. I'm still using Toast 6 (which has been working fine for me, including under Leopard), and on the new machine, it won't burn audio CDs in DAO mode. It shows a dialog that says there must be a gap of 2 sectors between tracks (different from the "2 seconds before the first track" message). As it's recording, I can see it burn a track, stop, fill the buffer, burn the next track, and so on, rather than doing it all in one go. And, sure enough, when the CD is done, there are very short but still audible gaps between tracks. So, my question is: does this work correctly in Toast 8? I'd like to hear from someone who actually has a machine with a Matshita UJ-867 who has successfully done this. Someone on the Apple discussions mentioned a different problem he's having with this drive under Toast 8, so it doesn't seem clear that even the newest version of Toast correctly supports this drive... Thanks.