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    Lg Ggc-h20l Toast Compatible?

    The GGC model does not support blu-ray burning just reading. You need the GGW model if you want blu-ray burning. Mike
  2. MikeBar

    Anyone Successfully Burning Bluray Disc With Roxio 9?

    Sorry, still no good even with YL03 installed. Mike
  3. MikeBar

    Anyone Successfully Burning Bluray Disc With Roxio 9?

    Patatrox Thanks for posting this update, hopefully you guys will be able to fix this quickly. Just wanted to let you know that I did spot a new firmware for this drive YL03 available on LG website, but the drive needs to be attached to a PC to update it. Mike
  4. MikeBar

    List Of Supported Blu Ray Burners For Toast 9

    First of all it costs much less than comparable drives, it reads HD-DVD in addition to burning blu-ray, and one thing I really like about it is that it has lightscribe built in. As for compatibility, as had been noted multiple time, the LG drive works in finder and disc copy even with blu-ray disks so we know it is not the drive that does not work with MacOS. The limitation is Toast does not work with the drive but only with blu-ray disks. BTW, Patrick you mentioned long ago that you were going to install one of these drives in a mac pro to test it with toast. Did you ever do this? If not why not or if so did you confirm that it does not work and no fix is available yet. As for myself I would like to hear, yes it does not work with toast we confirmed it and are working on a solution, rather than hearing nothing from Roxio tech support about the LG blu-rays or tech support just saying it should work without ever testing it. I believe there are enough MacPro users in this and other forums that have confirmed that it indeed does not work and that Toast needs to be fixed to support it. Mike
  5. According to this post http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...st&p=192650 Patatrox said he was going to hook up one of these drives and test it in a MacPro. Assuming he did this, my guess is, it did not work and Roxio does not yet have a fix. Mike
  6. Yes, you can use the two mother board SATA plugs for the optical bays but you just need the cables. These are separate from the 4 SATA ports that the hard drive bays use. Somewhere there are pictures of the cable being run from the SATA ports to the optical bay that I found on google but I don't have the address handy. Yes the blu-ray burning does work if you have a SATA to IDE adapter (I have the adonics one) the problem is that the two IDE plugs on the supplied IDE cable are too close together to use both the apple super drive and the LG drive with the adapter attached. Mike
  7. You just need to get a 24 inch SATA cable with a right angle connector on one end. I was able to fish it from the optical bay to the SATA connector on the motherboard without difficulty. Then you just attach the SATA optical drive with this connector instead of the IDE connector and use a SATA power adapter to connect the power. Works great except for blu-ray with the GGW-H20L drive with Toast. Even the lightscribe works great. Mike
  8. Thanks I will have to try it, I agree hopefully Roxio will get this fixed soon. Mike
  9. MikeBar

    Anyone Successfully Burning Bluray Disc With Roxio 9?

    Patatrox As you asked, I started a new thread, but this is the same issue I reported right when version 9 was released and you said that you would try hooking an LG GGW-H20L Blu-ray writer to a mac pro SATA to test it but I hadn't heard any thing since then. I was really hoping to see that this issue would be fixed in the first update to version 9. Mike
  10. Toast 9.0.2 still crashes (freeze requiring a force quit) if blu-ray disk is put in the LG GGW-H20L drive attached to the SATA port of a MacPro. Burning DVDs or CDs and Lightscribe work just fine with the drive on the SATA bus. I've seen several other forums with users with the LG drive that state the same thing. Toast, both 8 and 9, freezes when a blu-ray disk is inserted. This can occur just trying to get the Disk Info... or actually trying to write to the disk. If the drive is connected to the MacPro using a SATA to IDE or SATA to USB adapter the blu-ray works just fine so the issue is only on the SATA bus. Mike
  11. MikeBar

    List Of Supported Blu Ray Burners For Toast 9

    As far as I know its just the LG ones that don't work with Toast and SATA. The sony and pioneer ones do, but the LG is a much better drive for less money. Mike
  12. MikeBar

    List Of Supported Blu Ray Burners For Toast 9

    According to a post on xlr8yourmac, this one is supposed to work with this drive. http://www.cooldrives.com/essibay5cdop.html Mike
  13. MikeBar

    List Of Supported Blu Ray Burners For Toast 9

    The Roxio guy Patatrox in a previous post said he was going to install this particular drive and see why it is not working on the MacPro SATA bus with blu-ray disks using Toast 8 and 9. Still waiting to hear back from him. Mike
  14. MikeBar

    List Of Supported Blu Ray Burners For Toast 9

    As of now the LG GGW-H20L does not work with blu-ray disks if the drive is attached to the SATA bus in a Mac Pro. All other functions work with toast. But if the drive is connected with a SATA - USB adapter the blu-ray works just fine. Still waiting to hear from Roxio as to why it does not work using SATA. Mike