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  1. Hi, I have been lurking in these forums for a while... I am having a quirk with my videowave 9 - individual clips play fine when I double-click and go to the video trimmer, but when I try to preview my productions it gets stuck (the music/sound keep going as it should, but the video image gets stuck). Most of the time it snaps back into gear going fast forward to catch up to the sound...but then snags again. It seems to really have a hard time getting caught on the transitions (though it messes itself up pretty well when there aren't any transitions too). I thought that it might be some kind of a cache problem, but it still snags when I've tried to play it a number of times. I can export the video just fine and it plays normally at that point - it's just really a pain to try to edit something that I can't see. I have updated my video card, defragged, cleared out spyware, cookies, etc. I've had this problem for a while...any ideas? I would really appreciate the input. Thanks in advance. Using: Sony VAIO notebook XP nVIDIA® GeForce™ Go 7400 Graphics Controller Driver HardDrive Disk Space:87.15 GB (am also using an external drive with lots of room) Sys Cache: 2MB Video Memory: 128MB System Memory: 2GB *** Edit: Intel Centrino Duo 2.00 GB Ram