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    Conversion Only Does First 30 Seconds

    When I convert a video file in Toast 11.1 (Mac) it can only manage the first 30 seconds. It doesn't matter what the video is, or what format I try to convert it to; it pretends to complete to 100%, and gives me the assuring 'ping', but the resulting video is only 30 seconds long. The latest file I tried is only 5 minutes long, to convert from MP4 to WMV, so it shouldn't be a big deal. Why am I trying to convert this file? I want to import it into MS PowerPoint, and MP4s don't show up properly, whereas WMVs do. What's going on here?
  2. Britsmith

    Conversion Only Does First 30 Seconds

    Why should I have to buy Flip4Mac when Toast claims to do it? That doesn't make sense, and does not answer my question.
  3. Britsmith

    Burning Video Dvds In The Uk For The Usa

    In the Advanced tab: DVD-Video NTSC Video Quality: High Auto-Play Items ON Add Original Photos OFF Add Data Content ON Create DVD Menu OFF I also always use the Verify Data and Buffer Underrun Prevention options. Audio Write Mode is DAO. Maybe I should add that my own DVD recorder/player can show the DVDs on my TV, but only after changing the format from PAL to Auto Detect (or something to that effect), so obviously they have 'burned' OK.
  4. I'm in the UK, using Toast 6 Titanium on a G5 to burn video DVDs for viewing on American DVD players. However, they are not recognised by those players (the people have tried various machines), so are returned to me. I convert the video files from PAL to NTSC format using recognised conversion software, so Toast happily burns them to NTSC DVDs, so what else should I check when producing these disks? Am I doing something wrong?