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  1. Nolte Jan 25, 06:42 EST I had an old version of the Creator that would not run on Windows 10 so I bought last September Roxio Creator Nxt Pro 7. I am now trying to use it for the first time. After assembling video and/or pictures in Videowave and try to save the file I am getting "Runtime Error" and there is no choice but to terminate the program.
  2. I cannot interpret the problems you indicate with my window installation. This is my only active computer. Windows came preinstalled a few months ago. I have two other computers that I sometimes use off-line. The way I understand it the only "Network" is the WIFI connection to the printer. Anyway, how would you fix the window installation if there is really something wrong? I am not aware of any operational problems on this computer.
  3. It was the Easy Media Creator 9 and/or Roxio Creator 2011. My main concern is now that if I click on Multi Camera Production the computer locks up and I have to restart the computer.
  4. It does not finish the repair. The Message is: Win Installer The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Click OK or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'BOTApp.MSI" in box below ???????
  5. For the Multicamera Feature only 16x9 is shown, which is ok with me. However, I tried several times to use this feature and every time the computer locked up with the following message: The instruction at 0x...….. referenced memory at 0x...…. the memory could not be read. Click to terminate program. I could not even terminate the program. Every time I had to restart the computer. I am puzzled.
  6. In an old Creator program I could create multiples of the same video clip on one screen. Since this old Creator does not load on Windows 10 I upgraded to Creator NXT PRO 7, but I cannot find this old feature of creating multiples of the same video clip on one screen. Any suggestions ?
  7. Thanks a lot. This tip solved my problem.
  8. I am running Creator 11 in Window7. Now the Video Trimmer in VideoWave does not operate anymore. Any suggestions ?
  9. Thanks, Brendon. I had not used Creator 11 for a few months. However, then it was working, and especially the Photo Suite was fine. So I suspect that an update to Windows 8.1 caused this problem. I will still try what GrandpaBruce suggested above.
  10. I get this message when I want to get into Photo Suite or VideoWave, etc. followed by: Please re-install it. First I uninstalled Creator 11, then reinstalled it (in Windows8.1). That did not change anything. Then I noticed that the following files were missing in Program Files(x86) - Common Files - Roxio Shared : 9.0 and 12.0. So I copied these two files from my Window7 computer and pasted them into the Window8.1 computer. But that did not work. Then I downloaded the update of Service Pack 1, but that did not work either. Can anybody help ?
  11. I have Creator 2011. I was trying to burn movies created with Window Movie Maker (MP4 Video) and I get this error code right away. What does this error code mean ?
  12. Thanks Jim, That happened when editing in Videowave. However, I finally solved the problem by again replacing Internet Explorer 10 with IE8, since something like this happened to me over a year ago.
  13. I have creator 2011 and now suddenly the clipping feature does not work for mpeg, but it does for avi. Any suggestions ?