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  1. I was hoping by now I would have a solution to my problem. I see some of you complain that the sound does not come over when you BURN the DVD!!! I suppose I have that to look forward to as well but my sound doesn't come over for some of my clips while I am compiling in Videowave. They have a .mpg extension and the rest have .mov. I am not a computer guru so I have not been able to figure this out. Any one, if you can help me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  2. LM Cust

    No Sound

    I am having a similar problem but it is happening before I burn. I am using videowave and I am adding stills and clips. Some of my clips were on a different camera but the all show in windows media player with sound and look fine. When I add the clips with Movie Clip as the description, they come into my timeline with no sound. I have tried everything I can think of to change the format but have been unsuccessful. I am determined to get the sound back before I burn. I hope someone out there has a solution for you and for me. Thanks
  3. LM Cust

    Movie Mpeg Sound Vs Mov Sound

    thanks for prompt reply. Yes I have purchased the retail package. What I have noticed since I sent the query is the files that do not work (no sound)in videowave (which is what I am using right now) show a file type of movie clip and the ones that work show the type as window media player. I am sure this is an easy fix but I am going crazy trying to figure out what it is. any help you can provide me with would be appreciated. In the mean time I keep opening the files and keep trying to save them in a different format but I am having no Luck! Thank you
  4. I have a movie made up of still pictures and several clips. The clips are in two format types - MOV (from my Kodak camera) and MPG. Most of them are in MOV format and they work just fine. Most of the MPG format work just fine but some do not have sound although originally they did. After they are saved, the sound is lost. The original clip still has sound so what has happened? Has this happened to anyone else? Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks