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    Resulting DVD Has Audio Issues

    Roxio Toast Titanium 17, burning DVD to an external Samsung Blu-ray recorder. iMac i5 with OS X 10.14.6. Burned both HD and standard DVDs and get the same results – it doesn't sound like the audio from the movie I made in iMovie 9, it sounds like a background track, quiet, with like a TV in the background or something. Both times. Play the regular MOV and it works fine. So weird. No clue where the audio is coming from. Might try exporting MP4 if I can. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. David Zizza

    SLOW Burn Times

    Update as promised. CDs still take an unusually long time to burn and only burn at speeds of 2x-4x. I know the drive is capable of a faster burn and I am using 52x speed disks. Thoughts? I had to return also to version 10.0.5 to correct a burning problem with EyeTV (again). Anyone know of another product that works better?
  3. David Zizza

    Discs burned from EyeTV randomly stops.

    I have been using EyeTV with Toast for a while now and burning discs happily. Now it appears that shows I burn randomly stop during playback. Some stop with 15 min. left to go, some stop after playing for 5 min. I re-checked the original media files in EyeTV and they play all the way through. A possibility I cannot yet confirm is that the playback will stop at a marker point left in after editing out the commercials. I am using Toast 10 version 10.0.7 and EyeTV version 3.4 (6145). I have tried re-burning with the same results.
  4. David Zizza

    SLOW Burn Times

    Yup, tried that. Will try a burn next time I need one and post the results.
  5. David Zizza

    SLOW Burn Times

    Just moved from Toast 9 to Toast 10, and it seems as if the Toast is burning... I recently needed to add a video to an existing Toast file and reburn. The files were encoded PAL and needed to be converted to NTSC. Fine. It took approximately 10 hours to burn 1 DVD! On a typical audio disk where I convert 2 MP3 files, it takes about 30 minutes to burn, even though it says it will be done in 3 minutes! What happened? The only reason I moved to Toast 10 was to correct a glitch with EyeTV 3.2. Well that was fixed, but this problem is much, much worse. Anyone else experience the slow burn (like the one I am beginning to feel after $99)? I am running an 2.33GHz iMac with 3GB RAM and a 500GB HD under system 10.6.1.