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    Resulting DVD Has Audio Issues

    Roxio Toast Titanium 17, burning DVD to an external Samsung Blu-ray recorder. iMac i5 with OS X 10.14.6. Burned both HD and standard DVDs and get the same results – it doesn't sound like the audio from the movie I made in iMovie 9, it sounds like a background track, quiet, with like a TV in the background or something. Both times. Play the regular MOV and it works fine. So weird. No clue where the audio is coming from. Might try exporting MP4 if I can. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. David Zizza

    SLOW Burn Times

    Just moved from Toast 9 to Toast 10, and it seems as if the Toast is burning... I recently needed to add a video to an existing Toast file and reburn. The files were encoded PAL and needed to be converted to NTSC. Fine. It took approximately 10 hours to burn 1 DVD! On a typical audio disk where I convert 2 MP3 files, it takes about 30 minutes to burn, even though it says it will be done in 3 minutes! What happened? The only reason I moved to Toast 10 was to correct a glitch with EyeTV 3.2. Well that was fixed, but this problem is much, much worse. Anyone else experience the slow burn (like the one I am beginning to feel after $99)? I am running an 2.33GHz iMac with 3GB RAM and a 500GB HD under system 10.6.1.
  3. David Zizza

    SLOW Burn Times

    Update as promised. CDs still take an unusually long time to burn and only burn at speeds of 2x-4x. I know the drive is capable of a faster burn and I am using 52x speed disks. Thoughts? I had to return also to version 10.0.5 to correct a burning problem with EyeTV (again). Anyone know of another product that works better?
  4. David Zizza

    Discs burned from EyeTV randomly stops.

    I have been using EyeTV with Toast for a while now and burning discs happily. Now it appears that shows I burn randomly stop during playback. Some stop with 15 min. left to go, some stop after playing for 5 min. I re-checked the original media files in EyeTV and they play all the way through. A possibility I cannot yet confirm is that the playback will stop at a marker point left in after editing out the commercials. I am using Toast 10 version 10.0.7 and EyeTV version 3.4 (6145). I have tried re-burning with the same results.
  5. David Zizza

    SLOW Burn Times

    Yup, tried that. Will try a burn next time I need one and post the results.