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    Mac2tivo, Convert .avi To Mpeg2

    Depends on the type of AVI. If you install the DIVX QT plugin or Perian then you should be good to go. Mac2TiVo will convert them on the fly.
  2. SonicScott

    Mac2tivo Transfer Does Not Start!

    Are there any MPEG2's in the folder? If so, can you remove them and see if the transfer starts.
  3. As far as sound being PCM Stereo. Mac2Tivo converts all sound to PCM stereo. PCM is uncompressed hence the bloat. There is no support for retaining surround sound currently. As far as a clean in stall you can try removing the following files: ~/Library/Application Suport/Mac2Tivo/MediaData ~/Library/Preferences/com.roxio.Mac2TiVo.plist That should put the application back into a clean state.
  4. SonicScott

    Mac2tivo Quits Unexpectedly

    To stop the crashing remove the the MediaData file located at ~/Library/Application Support/Mac2Tivo. The database sounds like it got corrupteed. As far as file support. iMovie, iDVD files are not supported only quicktime files and MPEG2.
  5. SonicScott

    Streamer Wants To "re-convert" My Iphone .mp4 Videos?

    Its not just about the scaling. Its also about the data rate of the movie. The explanation of the profiles is at Streamer Bit Rate Explanation. We don't just stream any iPhone compatible file. The data rate plays a big part as well. Not everyone has a Fios connection to stream 1mbps or higher from their home.
  6. SonicScott

    Dvr Not Recognized Outside Of Home

    TiVo's can only be discovered on your local LAN. They can not be seen outside your home.
  7. SonicScott

    Mac2tivo Audio Capabilities

    Audio track is converted too 2 channel audio.
  8. SonicScott

    Tivo Transfer

    Have you cancelled your recording and attempted to restart your tivo?
  9. SonicScott


    Two more things to check.. 1.) Make sure your media access key is entered correctly in the prefrences dialog. 2.)Make sure you have Transfers and Video Downloads checked in the DVR prefrences on Tivo.Com
  10. SonicScott

    Mac2tivo Quits Unexpectedly

    I have a couple of questions: 1.) What type of movies are in your folder? Just i iMovie files? 2.) Is this an HD or SD tivo? Can you go remove your database at ~/Library/Application Support/Mac2Tivo/Mac2Tivo/MediaData. Then add folders that do not contain iMovie files.
  11. We currently can not send a TiVo program (.TiVo file) back to your TiVo.
  12. SonicScott


    Make sure you have network applications enabled on the TiVo. After that, once you start Mac2Tivo and its server your Mac will appear in the "Now Playing" list. It will not show up in the same place as the network applications do. A couple of things. The machine and the TiVo must be in the same networking zone. If you have computers across different routers that define their own sub-networks and are simplying just extending the network. Then you tivo and your Mac will not see each other.
  13. Mac2Tivo is not for moving TiVo files back to the TiVo. It will convert files from a Quicktime supported format to an MPEG2 file that the TiVo can play and store on the TiVo. If the file is already in MPEG2 format the TiVo will just copy the file to the device. The resulting MPEG2 files are stored on the TiVo's Now Playing list until the user removes them.