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    Why I'm Not Upgrading

    Apparently Roxio isn't evil just bad at website ads. If you go to the main Toast 9 page it says that it's $79.99 with a $20 mail in upgrade rebate. Now being a simple person i assume that going from Toast 8 to Toast 9 is upgrading. The rebate form does mention Toast Titanium to boot. But in fact there's another page where you find that upgrading is only $59.99 and no mail in required. So i did upgrade. But someone at Roxio should learn the difference between a sidegrade and an upgrade. But i'm glad they're not evil.
  2. trinko

    Why I'm Not Upgrading

    I could live with an $80 upgrade cost. But forcing us to mail in a rebate form when we buy electronically from Roxio is just an attempt to rip us off. They know that people will forget or whatever. I've been buying Toast since it first came out. To make us print out stuff, put it in an envelope, mail it, and wait weeks for a rebate, assuming we did everything right, when we buy directly from Roxio's online store shows the sort of contempt for customers that really alienates me.