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    Toast 9.0.2 - Clean Install Using The Update?

    Thanks! Appreciate the reply!
  2. Hi. I'm installing Toast 9 for the first time on a clean system and would like to know if its safe to install using the 9.0.2 updater? Does the update contain the entire software package, or just the updated files? When uncompressed, there is a 25mb difference between the 9.0.1 dmg that I received when I bought the product and the 9.0.2 update dmg recently made available. Thanks in advance.
  3. doug.shuman

    Toast Won't Remember View Settings.

    In Finder, I have all my folders set to "Icon View", 48x48 pixels, arranged by Name. I create a new Mac & PC data disc, right-click on the disc name, and ensure the "Disc View" is set to "Icon View" (the default). I drag one or more of my folders to the data disc and burn it. However, when the disc is mounted, most of the folder icons are now set to 32x32 pixels and scattered everywhere. Some folder icons even overlap others! Why doesn't Toast respect the view settings of burned folders? If I understand correctly, these settings are kept in the .DS_Store file in each folder. Does Toast not include this file?
  4. I can't tell you how many times I've put in a rewritable disc, attempted to write something the disc, and was told by Toast that the disc was not writable. The disc is ejected and I have to cancel the write and manually erase the disc from the Recorder menu before attempting the write again. Is there an option to have Toast automatically erase a rewritable disc if it is not writable?
  5. I create a new data disc called "Software" using Toast. I right click on the disc contents window, choose add, and select a folder called Software from my hard drive. Toast adds the folder and all its files as expected. I save the data disc as Software.disc and quit Toast. A day later, I add new files to the Software folder on my hard drive, open Software.disc in Toast, and attempt to burn the Software folder to DVD. Toast does NOT automatically include the new files. It only includes what was originally part of the Software folder. If I want to burn the new files, I have to delete and re-add the Software folder to Software.disc How do I tell Toast to automatically include new files? I'd LIKE to be able to open "Software.disc", click burn, and always have an up-to-date copy of my Software folder. I tried creating an alias to the Software folder and instructing Toast to resolve the alias, but it only does so the FIRST time (and not there-after). Any suggestions?