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  1. fra_ent

    Tost 8 Mac And Pc

    The problem was on the two pc.....
  2. fra_ent

    Toast 7.1.3 Mac And Pc

    I try.... Now all is ok... I used dvd-rw on two pc that aren't able to read it....Thanks
  3. fra_ent

    Tost 8 Mac And Pc

    I had the same problem with toast 7... it's impossible to see dvd masterized by My mac on a PC... I bought Toast 8 (in box written PC supported).... and same problem... I put a post in section for toast 7.... Now i have the same problem because i'm not able to create a ibrid DVD (on mac ok on PC it'impossible) Did i make a mistake? what can i do?
  4. fra_ent

    Toast 7.1.3 Mac And Pc

    I bought Toast 8 and i had the same problem.... (now leopard on my mac) and it's impossible in all kind of format to see dvd masterized in a PC Help ME
  5. fra_ent

    Toast 7.1.3 Mac And Pc

    I masterized a dvd (videos) by data mode toast 7 selecting mac and pc option and all is ok on all Macs but when i put dvd in a pc it isn't possible to use dvd (pc considerd dvd empty didn't read the name of dvd) what can i do?