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    Toast Won't Launch

    Ken Thats exactly whats happening to me. Can anyone tell me why Toast would refuse to run in headless mode? Is Roxio going to fix this a bug? Thanks.
  2. Tasker

    Toast Won't Launch

    Hi robert06 Tried Disk Utility, both permissions and verify - no issue. Tried Cocktail: - rebuilt launchd database - no change. - removed all cache entries (system, user and Internet) and restarted - no change. - rebuild launchd database and reset to defaults - no change - restarted - no change. Conclusion - it doesn't seem to be launchd db! ***** Roxio - any chance of a lending hand here please - still can't use this app!
  3. Tasker

    Toast Won't Launch

    Just tried 9.02, but with no chance in behavior. John, any update from your side on how to progress this further? Thanks.
  4. Tasker

    Toast Won't Launch

    The only differences I'm aware of are G4 CPU vs Intel CPU and a few more programs installed on the G4 (not haxies though). I've managed to dtruss Toast on open. Output is a little long to post here! The main errors appear to be unable to open toast.plist file, although this isn't surprising as its trying to open it at odd locations --> 525/0x358fd40: 4 stat64("/Library/Managed Preferences/com.roxio.Toast.plist\0", 0xBFFFD7C8, 0xB) = -1 Err#2 525/0x358fd40: 13 stat64("/var/root/Library/Preferences/ByHost/com.roxio.Toast.000a27ae4052.plist\0", 0xBFFFD7C8, 0xB) = -1 Err#2 Let me know if you wish me to email you the output or perform anything else. Thanks.
  5. Tasker

    Toast Won't Launch

    Tried installing on another machine as a test (MacBook) without issue. DVD burners not attached to this machine so not a solution! ;-( Also tried running as a separate (admin) account - no joy. Is there a way to start up Toast in verbose mode so we can understand at what point it fails? I tried starting from terminal, but couldn't find any flags to make it output more information. Thanks.
  6. Tasker

    Toast Won't Launch

    Toast doesn't launch. Console says: 19.03.08 23:18:52 com.apple.launchd [93] ([0x0-0x1b01b]. com.roxio.Toast [308]) Exited with exit code: 255 PowerMac G4 running 10.5.2 with all updates. No external devices attached. I do have an internal PCI ATA-133 card installed (although HDD connected not media drives) Tried deleting the com.roxio.Toast.plist but doesn't help. Verified that disk permissions are correct. Won't even let me enter serial number details - just bounces in dock and then quits without an error (except in the console). Please help!