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    Mydvd 10 Display Askew

    I am using Creator Delux 10, which includes MyDVD 10. Using Vista Ultimate, 4 gig RAM, Intel Dual Core Duo 2.4 ghz, nVidia GTS 8800 (512 meg,DirectX 10), 22" Samsung widescreen monitor, 2ms refresh, 3000:1 contrast. Whenever I try to create a Menu screen for a DVD, the display (Menu and text boxes) are all horizontal bars not in alingment with each other. When I swtich to a new Menu it displays properly for about 3 seconds, then gets whacked. When I attempt to type anything in the Text boxes, it doesn't appear as I type, and when it displays in the "tree" in the left side pane, its all gibberish. I've changed resolution sizes on the display without resovling the problem (except I have to realign my icons when I got back to my needed resolution, 1280 x 768). Any suggestions? I've uninstalled, reinstalled, done the NTLDR update, with no success. Thanks, Tom tom (at) nefeldt (dot) com