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  1. macdude22

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    It worked to functionally burn a Blu-Ray disk under macOS 11. I was happy to pay 30 dollars. Only wish I could get my 50 back from the crooks at roxio.
  2. macdude22

    19 crashes under 11.0.1

    Yea I did. I downloaded Express Burn from NCH Software. It can functionally burn DVDs and Blu Ray disks on macOS 11 (Intel). Toast 19 is completely unusable.
  3. macdude22

    Toast 19 using excessive memory

    Burning a DVD under macOS 10.15 (Catalina).
  4. macdude22

    Toast 19 using excessive memory

    Every time I try to burn a disk Toast 19 uses dozens of GB of memory (both real and virtual) causing my 2017 iMac to grind to a halt. Anyone else seeing this behavior?
  5. macdude22

    Why did ROXIO ruin a good interface?

    The new interface is terrible, but indicative of modern UX. Tons of wasted space with less descriptive text. I feel the pain of tools like Toast that basically are unchanging but need to generate ongoing revenue. There is real pressure to do "something" even if it's not a good something.
  6. macdude22

    Sense Key = Harware Error

    I was totally getting Sense Key = ILLEGAL REQUEST but it was not touching the disk. I blew out Toast with AppZapper and reinstalled it. It seems to be functioning again. Darn odd though. Thanks for your concern tsantee.
  7. macdude22

    Sense Key = Harware Error

    I need to test on my Mac Pro at work. I'd say I'm in no mood to waste more DL disks (and I wouldn't be as Verbatims are expensive) but Toast 10 never actually touched the disks, I was able to take the same disks and burn them with Burn.
  8. macdude22

    Sense Key = Harware Error

    Happens both with the internal Optiarc 5680H and external USB OWC Valueline Drive (I believe this is a samsung of somesort but the OS only reports the bridge). Happens with Verbatim DL disks and RiData DL disks (Mind you I'm always skeptical of this box of RiDatas). Late Model 2.53 Ghz Mac Mini. I question that the issues are system or drive related since I can take a disk that Toast threw up on and proceed to burn it with out a hitch in Burn.
  9. macdude22

    Sense Key = Harware Error

    I've been getting the Sense Key = ILLEGAL REQUEST error on all DL disks since updating to 10.6.7. These are Verbatim Disks, have not previously had an issue. In fact I can burn the disks with Burn fine so somehow Toast is boning up. I'm running 10.0.8. I'm thinking 10.0.8 is somehow incompatible with 10.6.7 which is mighty convenient now that they have ANOTHER paid upgrade. I've begrudgingly paid for almost every upgrade since version 6 but this might be the straw that breaks the camels back. My disk burning needs have become less and less while Toast has become worse and worse, with high priced yearly upgrades on top of it.
  10. macdude22

    Xbox 360 Export Problem

    I use visual hub and convert everything to Apple TV - H.264 and that format streams great to my Xbox with small file sizes. I just upgraded to 9 (against my wallets better judgment). I'll run a few tests tonight if I have time.