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    Toast 7.1.3 on Intel 10.6 Snow leopard

    Thanks for that advice. It's just that when upgrading to a new Mac, there's all kinds of money having to be spent including new software that one must buy again (such as DiskWarrior) so if the primary software that made the original Disc Images still works, one tends to want to stick with it. I went into Roxio's documentation and they claim that 7.1.3 is considered as a universal application for Mac X although it is no longer supported. As it is, it seems like a big job to get everything migrated over to the new iMac so the less new software having to be involved, the better. At some point, I would like to buy Toast 10 but if 7.1.3 will work, it's worth waiting for.
  2. Hello. I am planning to buy an iMac running 10.6 and I was hoping if someone can tell me if Toast 7.1.3 will run on this new OS. I have several Toast Disc Images of my movies and would want to be able to open them on the new Mac. I have heard on many forums that Toast 10 has many bugs that will not allow many functions to work on 10.6 so I would much rather stay with 7.1.3 if possible. Thanks for any assistance. Rich
  3. richco

    Toast 7.1.3 Does Not Copy A Copy

    Thanks for the tips but neither one worked. In both cases, I got a message saying "The file VTS-01-1 VOB could not be accessed (Data fork,-36)! I had actually made some Disk Images of the originals the day before using Disk Utility on the Mac. (I hadn't realized you could make Disk Images with Toast) Disk Utility was able to make them with the Original DVDs (as did Toast) and also with the copies except that I could not burn them properly from Disk Utility (I have an external DVD Burner) and Toast was able to burn some of the disk images but the DVD copy they produced again could not make a copy. And even if these work around procedures did work consistently, it is a curiosity to me why a so called "Identical Original" (as Toast calls it) is not really an identical Original if it does not behave in the exact same way in all respects as the original. Apparently Toast is producing copies that make them appear copy protected even when they are not. I have even compared the folders of both Video TS (the original and the copy) and they appear to be the same. I think that there might be a bug in Toast 7.1.3 causing this problem. Any additional comments would be appreciated.
  4. richco

    Toast 7.1.3 Does Not Copy A Copy

    Has this ever happened to you? I have had my old 8 mm home movies films transferred professionally to DVD. The DVDs are not copy protected in any way. When I copy one of these original DVDs using the Toast IDENTICAL COPY Option, I have no problem as the DVD is copied in a few minutes and then Toast ejects that DVD and asks that a blank DVD be inserted onto which to copy! However, when I then try to make a copy of the copy (instead of the original), Toast begins to copy and after a few minutes, the progress bar goes to zero (0.00) but the program freezes there and does not allow me to continue with the process. It will not even allow me to cancel and so I have to Force Quit. Can anyone speculate why this should happen because the copy in question is supposedly IDENTICAL to the original? This is important to me in case the original becomes damaged and can no longer be used. Thanks to anyone who can help. richrcrph@att.net