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  1. Hi all, When burning BDs, whether the source is MKV or mp4, and regardless of the sources file size, the finished disc stutters (doesn't play smoothly). This only occurs when using source files that are movie length, and not smaller files. Burning a DVD from the same source file plays fine. Using latest version of Toast, and tested the discs on multiple players. Is there a way I can compress/convert the source files into a format prior to importing to Toast so that I don't need to rely on Toast's compression? thx!
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    Music Dvds

    Hi All, I've got a question that covers all versions of Toast that have "Music DVD" capabilities. Why does the program create "Playlists" consisting of 99 songs? Is there a way to stop this from happening? Is it possible to "shuffle" between different Playlists, or is the shuffling confined to whichever Playlist you're currently listening to? Thanks! ac