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  1. I just tried it with a different folder of flac files, and it worked. I was using the media browser in Toast to add the files.
  2. I just tried to burn an audio cd from a folder of audio files that were encoded as .flac. I got the error message that they were not supported audio files. This looks like one of the many problems with Toast 11.1. I hope Roxio fixes this soon.
  3. kd4cht

    Toast 11 Won't Burn Dvd-Dl Data Disc

    I just tried to burn a DVD-DL disc with Toast 11.0.4 and get an error verifying the disc. When I click OK the disc is unreadable. I am using Memorex DVD+R DL media. I have never had problems doing this in the past with Toast 10. I used the Burn Disc in the Finder and it had no problem burning a disc that worked. I have wasted 2 discs trying to get this to work.
  4. kd4cht

    Roxio USB Video Capture?

    Thanks, I just downloaded the update. Now I am just waiting on it to arrive. Alan
  5. kd4cht

    Roxio USB Video Capture?

    Thanks Frank, It was a little confusing on the order page for the sale price. It was a special price that was in an email from Roxio. Glad to hear that the software comes with it. Alan
  6. I just purchased the Roxio Video Capture USB. It was on sale for $39.99. I don't think that the Easy VHS to DVD software comes with it. Does anyone know if any software comes with it for video capture? If it doesn't then how do I capture video with this device? I am waiting for the Video Capture USB to arrive, and I am trying to get if figured out so I can start using it right out of the box. I also saw some past post that it might not be snow leopard compatible. Is this true? I am using snow leopard 10.6.3.
  7. My post didn't go through the first time. So here I go again. I am using Toast 9 on my 17" MacBook Pro. I have the screen resolution set to 1152x720. When I open Toast it opens maximized and the bottom of the main window goes down under my dock. I would like for Toast to fill the screen and stop right above my dock. I have tried clicking on the bottom right corner and draging, but it doesn't move up it only moves right to left. So, everytime I open Toast I have to click the + button in the left top of the window to get it to be right above the dock. Does anyone have any ideas?