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    Static On Burned Dvd

    I'm also having the same problem.
  2. london35

    Problem When Trying To Burn More Than One File

    Sorry but my english is not very good. Yes. it's a video DVD. The problem is not the menu. The menu it's fine. But when I try to watch a title I just can see it blinking in the left top quarter of the screen, in the rest of the screen the menu does not dissapear, stays there. While if on the burnt DVD thereis only one title it goes ok, you can see the movie in the whole screen. Hope you understand me better. Regards
  3. Hello. I hope someone can help me. Just bought Toast 9 and Leopard and don't have any problems when I burn only one file. But when, for example, I try to burn 2 o more episodes of a show when I try to watch it I just can see it in the top left quarter of the screen. In the rest you see the menu option. I have tried several times but it always happen the same. Anyone have a clue of what the problem can be? Thanks