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    Any Word On Data Fork, -39?

    Roxio, Do you have any solutions for the Data Fork -39 error? and other data fork messages? I'm still receiving them when I try to burn 1080&720 24p footage... I know that John at Roxio was going to "tell the developers"... he must have forgot.
  2. MacElroy

    Anyone Get This Thing To Work Yet?

    I believe that toast 9 can not handle 720 and 1080 @ 24p or 60p. The only flavors that seam to work is 720 and 1080 30p and 1080i.
  3. MacElroy

    Anyone Successfully Burning Standard Dvds For Blu Ray?

    I'm getting the same error you're receiving. Whether its to DVD or to disc... i get the same data fork error. I think it has something to do with the frame rate of the footage. I've been trying 24p @ 1080 and 720 and none seem to work. John at Roxio what are the source clips you are using? What are your setting for encoding? Have you tried burning 24p footage of either 720 or 1080? Please post detailed steps.
  4. For some reason every time I bring raw 1080p 24 or 720 24p footage into toast to burn Blu ray to standard DVDs, I always get an error... Is anyone able to burn Blu ray's using standard DVDs with these resolutions & frame rates?
  5. MacElroy

    Alomost There...

    Yes, the LG works on a Mac
  6. MacElroy

    Alomost There...

    Hm... havent tried any mpeg2 files. As far as i can see toast 9 is very very picky about what files it likes to burn. I primarily use mov files and i dont really edit with mpeg at all.
  7. MacElroy

    Anyone Successfully Burning Bluray Disc With Roxio 9?

    Cool, sounds great. I used to have the same problem with FCP not transferring my chapter makers in to compressor and dvd studio. I found a fix though, you need to enter studio and compression markers in the fields of the markers in FCP also you have to call them something in the title field. They transfer every time now.
  8. MacElroy

    Alomost There...

    Okay, here we go. I'm FINALLY successfully burning Blu ray videos from toast 9 using the LG-GGWH20L attached Sata to USB. I've found from my tests that I'm still unable to burn 1080 24p, 720 24p, 720 60p to Blu ray. However, I can successfully burn 1080 and 720 30p!. Majority of test consisted of 1080 30p. I can burn both raw mov's from an EX1 and self contained mov's from final cut all at 1080&720 30p. I'm totally relying on toast 9 compression tool. I've not been using compressor or any other compression tools, just toast. Under OPTIONS in the Blu ray video i've selected MPEG-4 AVC Maxed out the average and maximum bit rate to 26 mbps (Because my footage is 35mbps from the EX1, so tired to get close) Motion estimate, Best re encoding auto field dominance auto aspect ratio, 16:9 Clicked okay and burn and it worked fine. I tested it on a Panansonic Blu Ray Player: DMP-BD10. Now it's time to see why toast doesn't like 60p or 24p!
  9. MacElroy

    Alomost There...

    Okay, after fooling with toast 9 and many BD-RE reformats I finally burned a blu ray disc! I first brought the 720 60p clip in and tried to burn it directly to the disc. I got an error -39 fork crap. So I saved it as an image file instead. Toast made the file quickly since it had already encoded the video. After, that I bought the image into disc utility and burned it to a BD-RE. Once that was done I was getting excited.. popped it into my Blu ray player and alas.. it played back but really jumpy and very fast. the picture quality was amazing though. I wonder if there is a problem with 24p & 60p.. I have to do more test but next time I'll encode 30p footage and see if that works. Eqipment MacPro, leopard Burner: LG-GGWH20L attached sata to usb Panansonic Blu Ray Player: DMP-BD10
  10. MacElroy

    Blu-ray Jaggies

    Does toast re encode your h.264 footage? or does it just write your file directly to BD? Are you creating an image file first then burning... detailed instructions would be great.
  11. MacElroy

    Anyone Successfully Burning Bluray Disc With Roxio 9?

    What setting in compressor are you using? is it a preset? what bit rate etc...
  12. MacElroy

    Data Fork, -39 ?

    I've been attempting to burn a Blu Ray ever since I downloaded Toast 9 It gets about 40% complete when OSX gives me an error message "The file 00001.m2ts could not be accessed (Data fork, -39)" I click ok, then "Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS Error. Result Code = -39" Anyone have a fix? Im using an LG GGW-H20L running toast on a MAC Pro (desktop) with leopard
  13. http://macenstein.com/default/archives/678 here's how to connect your LG to your hidden sata ports on a Mac Pro. (Which I don't recommend because i had no luck) I just ordered a Rosewill SATA to USB connector for my mac pro. Now it's connected via USB. Toast now sees the LG just fine w/and w/out BR-REs in the drive! but I still CAN'T burn a blu ray video becuase half way through I get 2 error messages. The first one is "The file 00001.m2ts could not be accessed (Data fork, -39)" The second is "Counltn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS Error. Result Code = -39" I've tried 3 separate times with different clips attempting to burn a Blu Ray video on a BD-RE disc I'm just about ready to by adobe encore, at least that's proven to actually burn blu rays.
  14. MacElroy

    Best Setting From Compressor For Toast 9

    What are the best settings I could use for encoding my video before bringing it into Toast 9? I have 1920x1080 footage from an EX1 and would like to burn either Blu ray on Blu ray or Blu ray on DVD. Any suggestions? Anyone else using compressor?
  15. this is a response to my questions regarding this Drive and Sata connection. Apparently, there's no issue?.. - we all know there is though. Okay, I'm still having the same problem. Whenever I try to burn Blu Ray Discs with the LG GGW-H20L from Toast 9. I get the same frozen screen and error. I have an attachment of the error I receive. Also, I'm running 9.0.2, so the update did not solve this issue. Is there an issue with this drive attached to a Mac Pro via sata? I've written 2 other times about this issue and it's still not resolved, ticket number (542121) and (540108). I would like a refund if this issue persists. A Roxio Agent has responded to your ticket! (# 542427) Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support There are no known issues with any drives. Can you burn to a disc image, then burn that to disc? Is there any firmware update for your new drive? Please try these: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Toast/000013T Regards, Roxio Technical Support