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    Encoding Time

    Why is it that some movies take all night to encode to blu ray and others a few hours? even using the same format (.mov) and file sizes roughly the same.
  2. colboy

    Blu Ray Problems With Toast 12

    Got a new batch of blank discs (Aone) and they are writing with out problems so far
  3. colboy

    Blu Ray Problems With Toast 12

    Just burned a disk and up came a bad sector warning whilst verifying, guess all I can do now is get some different discs, I assume that most people don't have a problem burning movies to Blu Ray with Toast?
  4. colboy

    Blu Ray Problems With Toast 12

    Thanks for the advice, when you say not to boost the encoding rate too high, I use the auto setting set at 'best' is this too high, if so what settings do you recommend, I don't really understand the encoding stuff. Thanks again for your help Colin
  5. colboy

    Blu Ray Problems With Toast 12

    Hi, I have just purchased Toast 12 pro and using it with Maverick, when burning Blu Ray discs on to a Samsung writer with a .mov film file all seems to work well and Toast says it was successful, however when playing the film back on a blu ray player the film gets about half way through and then starts to freeze and skip, I have tried playing them on different players but get the same problem. Any one have any ideas? I am wondering if it is the blank discs but it is now getting expensive throwing so many of them away. Thanks for any help Colin
  6. colboy

    Ever Wish You Hadn't Bought Toast 9 ?

    Oh good, as I have just thrown away another 5 dvds! On the last 2 burns they have got to about 98% before coming up with this error "the file vts 031 vob could not be accessed (data fork-39)" At least it makes a change from the usual crash.
  7. colboy

    Ever Wish You Hadn't Bought Toast 9 ?

    I bought toast 9 to work with eyetv, When I add recorded programs with eyetv and then burn it sometimes crashes at the first phase, sometimes at the writing phase, I then have to reboot to get the dvd out. As it crashes at different parts of the process, I have no confidence that it will burn a dvd until the very end of the process.
  8. colboy

    Ever Wish You Hadn't Bought Toast 9 ?

    I do, It is costing me a fortune in wasted dvd,s Takes 3 or 4 goes to burn a disc using Eyetv even after the latest upgrade.