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    Not Getting Imovie Chapter Markets In Toast Titanium 9

    I'd like to know myself actually... I'm just happy to be burning blu-ray movies on dvd-r DL.
  2. I am trying to figure out what the best media is to use to burn blu-ray, without using a blu-ray burner. It needs to be compatible with PS3. I have a wedding video shot in HDV then transferred to iMovie. I have several options according to Toast. I can burn a mpeg-4 blu-ray disc to DVD-R which will be 3GB. I can burn a mpeg-4 blu-ray disc to DVD-R Dual layer at around 6GB. The BD version on best quality comes in at around 8.85GB. And then I can play with the bitrates, but I do not know if this wise as I'm sure that Roxio have chosen the best settings in automatic. Does anyone have any ideas? I don't have a PS3 to test it on. Will the DL version be a much better quality and will it play on the PS3? It is double the file size, but that might not necessarily mean double the quality.
  3. Inspired

    Burning Dl Dvd Using Toast 9.02 With Ps3 Compatibility

    Thanks for your reply jhillestad. I just find it strange that to burn it to a proper blu-ray disc, the 52 min movie takes up 9 GB (BD-R), 6Gb on DL DVD and only 3GB on DVD. There must be further compression on the last two formats, especially when each are written to the high definition blu-ray specification. I am hoping that one of the Roxio techies will explain this based on the code they have written for Toast 9.
  4. Inspired

    Blu-ray On Dvd On Ps3... Not Quite Working.

    You've been extremely helpful patatrox, and I will not be requiring a refund!! I have tried to make another HD DVD in mpeg-4 AVC and it does not work- it is a shame because it is the only High Definition type that the apple DVD player accepts at the moment. But to make Blu-ray movies is the main thing, and to play on PS3 makes this update worth it's weight in GOLD. Well Done to the techo's at Roxio.
  5. Inspired

    Blu-ray On Dvd On Ps3... Not Quite Working.

    Also very happy with the new update 9.0.2....YES YES YES I can make a blu-ray mpeg-4 AVC file- but I have nothing to test it on!!!!!!!!!!! NO NO NO I cannot make a HD DVD mpeg-4 AVC file- it fails right at the end giving error-50. Both tests were a .mov file 1440x1080 AIC, duration: 02:38. Although I did not select "DVD" as the disc format in both tests. It is definately a huge improvement. I would like to know the best settings to create a blu-ray disc that plays clearly for the PS3- does yours play clearly and without blockiness trackfive? I did not select "DVD"- does it really make a difference, mine still made a disk image... Can you get it to work as a HD DVD so that it can play on the apple DVD player?
  6. Inspired

    Blu-ray On Dvd On Ps3... Not Quite Working.

    That's great news Patatrox. Will the update fix all issues- recognising a variety of HD file types and burning them to mpeg-4 AVC, (instead of mpeg-2)- for blu-ray and HD DVD discs? Inspired.
  7. Inspired

    Blu-ray On Dvd On Ps3... Not Quite Working.

    Unfortunately I do not know the technical side to Blu-ray- I am an end user that wants to make high definition disks in sony's latest disc format technology, which will PLAY IN ALL BLU-RAY PLAYERS. And I have to give Roxio its dues- it has come up with the only solution for apple users so far, even if the solution does not work yet. I received a response to my ticket (previously posted in this thread). They ask me to update my Toast software- I responded by telling them that I only bought it and downloaded it yesterday! It is true- their support does suck.... I hope they fix the problem and release an update soon.
  8. Inspired

    Blu-ray On Dvd On Ps3... Not Quite Working.

    I recently sent this ticket: Hi Roxio I'm a big fan of your products as you can see by my registration page. I upgraded to Toast 9 so that I could make blu-ray movie files from my imovie HD movie files (PAL). You advertise that these can be saved to regular DVD discs which also sounded impressive. But I can't even convert hd .mov files or imovie HD files to blu-ray mpeg-4 or HD DVD Video. I am attempting to save them to disc images only to get error messages- something wrong with source file. I have read various threads from your discussions boards only to discover that no-one can do it- it has to be changed to mpeg-2. This does work (and it does read the source files perfectly), but mpeg-2 is not a true HD format (much more compression) and the video appears very blotchy, when played back on apples dvd player- the HD DVD version. I have the latest imac 2 ghz intel core 2 duo imac with Mac OSX 10.5.2. I am disappointed by your advertising and I am wondering if you are fixing the problem. The only reason for my upgrade is for high definition movie conversion. If Roxio cannot fix this issue, is it possible to get a refund? I bought the download version from the Roxio store.