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  1. I saw the 60 Minutes piece - basically an infomercial for the security industry specifically Symatec/Norton. Not one mention that it is Windoze that is vulnerable and that installing an alternative operating system like Linux would fix the problem. Disgusting that this is the state of journalism in 2009. If you run Windoze, you pretty much get what you deserve. No sympathy here.
  2. golinux

    I Cannot View My Dvd? Grrrr!

    Yes, VLC ROCKS!!! My player of choice for just about anything.
  3. golinux

    Life Is Good

    "Good" and "bad" are subjective judgments that help to weave the web of delusion.
  4. golinux

    Life Is Good

    Metalbrother actually has it kinda right - samasara sux! Even in the moments of pleasure and satisfaction there is 'suffering' (if for no other reason that it won't stay around for long). But this is not a reason to be depressed or feel sorry for yourself. It is an opportunity for wisdom - to understand how unsatisfactory existence is at it very root and to let go of clinging to shifting sands and illusions. That brings great contentment, equanimity and liberates the mind from the prison of delusion. (Wow, didn't think there'd be an opportunity to philosophize this morning.)
  5. golinux

    Life Is Good

    What's chocolate? Haven't had any in many years. Not negative just a realist - observations are neutral. I live in abundance and contentment BTW.
  6. golinux

    Life Is Good

    That is just soooo sick and deluded. (And destined to repeat itself ad infinitum - not a shred of wisdom there.)
  7. golinux

    Recommendations On Defragging

    Two 250GB WD SATA drives. I can do everything on Linux that I did on Windoze and even better! That includes Photoshop and a few other must have apps running on Wine. For the rest, I have found open source apps that outperform their Windoze counterparts including amazing video editing.
  8. golinux

    Recommendations On Defragging

    Dump Windows. Linux ext3 file system doesn't need defragging.
  9. The signal will likely improve after analog is gone. Some stations are now running digital at low power and will only be able to increase power after the shutoff. Some stations also will be moving antennas to a different place on their towers and/or rebuilding them in the process.
  10. I am in a challenged rural situation but am able to get excellent reception. A good antenna will work wonders. Over on AVS forum there are people getting a digital signal 75-100 miles from the towers. That being said, yes, there are remote areas that won't be able to pull in anything.
  11. According to a local engineer . . . all my local stations are cutting their analog transmission on the 17th regardless. FWIW, there is currently an option to do so even before the 17th and many stations around the country have already done just that including Hawai'i. Delaying will just add to the confusion.
  12. golinux

    Circuit City To Liquidate Remaining Us Stores

    I generally won't get an extended warranty. However, when I bought my first LCD monitor at Fry's many years ago, I did get one. They replaced the screen TWICE and gave me a brand new loaner while it was being worked on so the $60 warranty was well worth it. When the monitor recently died (out of the 5 year warranty), I went back to Fry's and got a 22" LG W2234S with another 5 year warranty. It Fry's bites the dust, I'm screwed.
  13. Do you have a DVD burner or just a DVD reader?
  14. golinux

    Obama Suggest A Delay In Digital Transition

    The stations may save some $$$ but more importantly, they won't have to babysit their analog transmission and therefore will have more manpower to concentrate on getting digital working properly - right now there are warts in transmission. Many stations will be moving antennas and upping their power too after analog goes byebye. The only ones trying to fool the public into spending more $$$ are cable and satellite services. Some people will NEVER be ready - the perpetual procrastinators. I've known about the conversion for years and got my first converter in April. I have no sympathy for those who are brain dead.
  15. golinux

    Obama Suggest A Delay In Digital Transition

    Everything you need to know about CECBs (Coupon Eligible Converter Boxes). I can tell you the the station engineers are very much looking forward to stopping their analog transmission so they can concentrate on digital. Only then will digital really work like it should and at full power.