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    Music Lab 10 - What's The Contents?

    Hello! Could some owner of ML10 could write here a list of applications it contains? Fe. on the product page there is screenshot with Sound Editor and Batch Convert listed, but there are no appropriates icons in the main panel. Also, does it contain Creator Classic? DVD Music Disc feature is checked as available in basic version on comparison chart, while it's advertised as advantage of premier version over basic? a_t
  2. another_two2

    Emc10 - Production Editor Photo Re-arrangements

    In storyline mode just select photos with Ctrl and drag them onto another image, to put them after that image.
  3. Text object, Settings, Position tab. What does Hold Position button do?
  4. another_two2

    Roxio 10 No AVCHD support?

    Here's a quote from Tom at Roxio: "To be clear... AVCHD is not supported in Creator 10. We are working to add support for AVCHD for a future release. VideoWave supports AVC (H.264) video, but I would not suggest trying to "work around" the problem of capturing / importing video from AVCHD camcorders. If you own an AVCHD camcorder and you want to use VideoWave you will want to wait for the next release of Easy Media Creator. Of course VideoWave supports HDV camcorders, as well as MPEG-4 HD camcorders today. VideoWave can edit HD movies and output HD movies in MPEG-2, WMV or AVC."
  5. another_two2

    Polish Version Avaliable

    Easy guess I think - N*** a_t
  6. another_two2

    Polish Version Avaliable

    Hello! If you are looking for a Polish EMC- I've seen an EMC9 in Saturn store. Pity it's 1.5 version behind other languages. a_t