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  1. mhs1030

    Burning Issues

    My apologies for not being clear. It sees the drive and not the CD. Thanks
  2. mhs1030

    Burning Issues

    I have been using EMC10 and burning sucessfully for some time. Just recently I tried to burn a music cd. I placed a blank CD in my burning drive. and it won't recognize it. I have not changed brands. I did a clean uninstall/install and it seemed fix the problem. I was able to burn two cd's. The next time I tried to burn a CD and again, it didn't recognize the blank CD. Did another clean insatall and again, it seemed to fix the problem. Burned another one or two CD's only for the same problem to happen again. Can anyone help?
  3. mhs1030

    Cannot Import *.3g2 Files

    I just purchased the full $29.99 version of Roxio Buzz which was supposed to be able to support all vidio files. So why can't I import *.3g2 files from my cell phone videos? Thanks
  4. mhs1030

    Music Disc Creator

    Thanks Jim. I already assumed the "Clean Install" was the way to go. I just wanted to hear it from one of the "experts". Thanks again mhs1030
  5. When using Music Disc Creator to create a music CD. The program hangs/crashes when I try to open the media selector to add tracks. This is a new problem as I have made countless CD's in the past. Can I do a reinstall of only Music Disc Cretor? Or what would be the best solution? TIA, mhs1030
  6. My apologies if this has been discussed previously. I'm using EMC 10. Is there a way to convert legally purchased Ipod videos (*.m4v files) to play on a DVD. Videowave does not recognize this file format. TIA, mhs1030
  7. mhs1030

    Audio Dropout

    First off, I wish to thank you for sticking with me and for all your help and patience. I hope others reading this post will benefit from it. BTW, I also purchased a stack of Verbatim DVD+R 16x. We'll see if that helps any. Anyway, I sucessfully followed ALL of HP's instructions (as shown above)1 thru 6. I left the CD in the drive and restarted my system. It seemed to be installing OK and was waiting for further on screen instructions when the error messages I posted previously showed up. It never completed the firmware update, therefore did not change the firmware #. My current # is: IDE\CDROMHP_DVW_WRITER_840B________________H186______\5&34F237E7&0&0.0.0
  8. mhs1030

    Audio Dropout

    I updated using a blank CD-R, then went to the option "For Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6". There wasn't any option for EMC 10.
  9. mhs1030

    Audio Dropout

    Hello agin: Followed your instructions for the firmware update. It stopped in dos mode with the following: Unable to open file 'C:\choice.exe' Unable to open file 'c:\command.com' Unable to open file 'c:\fwupdate.bat' Bad command or filename - 'c:\fwupdate.bat' What next?
  10. mhs1030

    Audio Dropout

    It reads: HP DVD Writer 840b TSST Corp DVD-ROM TS-H352C
  11. mhs1030

    Audio Dropout

    Thanks! I'll try it. Also, I've read thru some other posts, and it seem some other users with Samsung players have the same problem. BTW, does it matter if I buy DVD-R or DVD+R? What's the difference?
  12. mhs1030

    Audio Dropout

    I played my finished DVD on two of my friends set top players and it played OK with no drop outs. So it's definetly my Samsung player. Should I still investigate the other info you suggested, disc speed, etc? Many thanks for all your help!
  13. mhs1030

    Audio Dropout

    Many thanks for your reply, cdanteek. Finished DVD does play OK on my PC using Cineplayer, no drop outs. I will try it on a friends settop tomorrow. My DVD set top is a Samsung Model No. DVD-V5500. How do I check for the quality of the encoding? BTW, the blank DVD media I'm using is TDK DVD-R 1-16x 4.7gb. I also downloaded the free version of DVD Info Pro, is this the information your looking for? Media Information Disc Regions are 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 CSS Protected No Drive doesn't support media code UDF Format Type V1.02 UDF Volume MYDVD UDF Application id UDF Implementation id Roxio , Canada UDF Recording Date/Time (mm/dd/yyyy) 01/24/2008 14:04:56 Format Capacity 3.06GB(3.29GB) Free Blocks 4096 Free Capacity 0.00GB/0.00GB Book Type DVD-R Media Type DVD-R Manufacturer Rated Speed Unknown Available Write Descriptor CLV 0.0x 0KBps Write Strategy Speed Not Defined Data area starting sector 30000h Data area end sector 187B3Fh Linear Density 0.267um/bit Track Density 0.74um/track Number of Layers 1
  14. mhs1030

    Audio skips on Slideshows & Videos

    I'm having the very same problem. See my post http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=34190
  15. mhs1030

    Audio Dropout

    Hello all: I have, what I hope is a minor problem. I have recently installed EMC 10 on my PC (Realtek High Definition Audio) and have made several sucessful DVD's. I burn the project to an .iso, then copy that. My problem is this. On the audio track of all my DVD's, I'm experiencing an audio drop out, lasting 2 or 3 seconds. It seems to happen once a minute. I'm using TDK DVD-R. Also, I might add that I turn off all virus protection\firewall\spyware blockers. I've also tried burning direct to a blank disc at the slowest possible speed. Can anyone help? grandpabruce? ggrussel? beerman? sknis? Any other "digital gurus" I might have missed?