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    Old Time Radio Programs. I'm also a film and video editor.
  1. Fred Berney

    Dvditprohd Has Run Out Of Free Activation Code?

    Thank you for your help and suggestions. How do I reach Roxi-Ralf? If that is his user name, I tried searching on it and it didn't show up. Fred
  2. Fred Berney

    Dvditprohd Has Run Out Of Free Activation Code?

    I do a lot of different DVDs with DVDit, but basically I like to creat a DVD that has not menu. The video starts playing when the disc is inserted. Then I place chapters through the video, so the viewer can jump through the video by pressing the next button on his remote. Then when the video reaches the end it stop. Pressing the play button will restart the DVD. I use this format for most of what I do. Dance recitals, business videos, etc. By not having a menu, it saves someone from having to press a button. Also if I have a lot of chapters, like a dance recital, it makes it easier to get to a dance rather than selecting several menus and then selecting a chapter. I have also created interactive DVDs where menus are placed in a section of the video and the user can select several choices of where to go. This is used in training DVDs. Ask a question and then user selects an answer. If the answer is correct it moves to the next subject. Answer wrong and it goes back to the beginning of that section to retrain or re ask the question. Sometimes I start with a video that precedes a menu. I've also had videos with several language tracks and commentary tracks. DVDit just has a lot of flexibility and once I learned the program I found all kinds of things it could do and with very few settings required. Fred
  3. Fred Berney

    Internal Error 2753

    I was given a new product key number but when I entered it while installing DVDit Pro HD on Windows 10, I received the following error: internal error 2753 drvins64.exe.d369970d_84f1_4034_ad04_376e78ec4 Does anyone know what this means or better yet, how to install DVDit on Windows 10? Fred
  4. Fred Berney

    Dvditprohd Has Run Out Of Free Activation Code?

    Does anyone know if DVDit HD Pro 6.3 will run on Windows 10? I was given a new product key but when I try and install the program I'm receiving the following error. INTERNAL ERROR 2753 DRVINS64.EXE D369970D_84F1_4034_AD04_376E78E04 B9D I was not able to copy and paste this error so I wrote it out and typed it here. I'm never sure if I reading "0"s or "O"s when I see errors on the screen. I'm still waiting to hear back from tech support about the meaning of this error. I thought that maybe someone here might be faster with an answer and a reply. Fred
  5. Is there anyway to receive an email when someone replies to one of my postings? It doesn't have to contain the reply, just a notification that I received a reply. Fred
  6. Fred Berney

    Dvditprohd Has Run Out Of Free Activation Code?

    Is there anybody still monitoring this form. I also have an activation issue due to buying a new computer and trying to install DVDit HD Pro on it. Fred
  7. Fred Berney

    6.4 Version Number

    Am I too late to get help with DVDit HD Pro? Activation issue. Fred
  8. Fred Berney

    End Action Of A Video File

    Brendon, Thank you. I was trying to find a forum for DVDit, but I didn't see it listed when I was looking through the list of topics or forums. Thanks again. Fred
  9. Fred Berney

    End Action Of A Video File

    Which is exactly the question I asked of Roxio, when I called them asking for help installing my version of DVDit HD Pro. I specifically asked if they sold a professional authoring program and the person pointed me to this program. I told him I owned it before in an earlier version and new it was aimed at the consummer level. He kept claiming this was the professional version and said it came with a 30 day money back guarantee. I've used Roxio Creator programs in the past, probably starting with the first one. They are simple to use, but I never found them having the full control that I needed. Based on my conversation wtih this tech, I thought that maybe the program had changed and it could now do what I needed. With the help I got here and some fooling around with it, it does do some of the things I need, but I don't think it is a substitute for DVDit. Anybody here ever use DVDIt and found a way to install it recently since there is no way to activate the serial number or the program? Fred
  10. Fred Berney

    End Action Of A Video File

    Thanks to the help here and with Tech Support, I was able to create a DVD without a menu. Now I'm trying to figure out how to make that DVD stop when the video comes to the end. Right now, the video starts playing over again. In DVDiT, there was a command called "End Action" and it allowed you to direct what happened after a file reached the end of it's playing. There were options like "go to menu", "go to next file" or "stop". I don't see any place within the program that seems to have those functions. My guess is that Creator was designed with the thinking that most people would want a menu and returning to the MENU is the default command. I hope I wrong about that assumsion. If so, where do I find a "stop when the video reaches the end" command? Again that you for your help.
  11. Thanks for the help on making a disc without menus. And I found that if I go to "edit chapters" I can place chapters where I want them even without a menu. Navagation is with the "NEXT" button on the DVD Player's remote.
  12. I just purchased this program and wanted to create a DVD in which the video starts to play when the DVD is inserted into the player, without the need of a menu. I also want to place chapters within the DVD. And have the user jump through the DVD by just pressing the next button on the player's remote. I did this all the time with DVDit. And before I purchased Creator NXT3 Pro, I asked the sales rep from Roxie if it could do it and was told yes. However, once I open the program a menu appears on the screen and when I tried to delete it, a message came up and said "You can not delete a root menu". Suggestions? Thanks. Fred
  13. Fred Berney

    Dvdit! Hd Pro; Owner

    Anybody have a solution for installing DVDit Pro HD. I'm having an activating issue when I tried to install it on a new computer I just purchased. It install on my old computer and ran on Windows 7, when I upgraded the computer. But now I can't get it to activate using my serial number. Fred
  14. Fred Berney

    Dvdit! Hd Pro; Owner

    Has anyone found a solution for installing DVDit HD Pro? I had it installed on my older computer, but when I just tired to install it on my new computer, I got the same kind of message about an activation problem. Fred
  15. Fred Berney

    Video File Views Upside Down

    I'm a long time user of DVDit Pro, so I can usually fix most issues. Now I'm up against something I can figure out. I just finished rendering an HD video using Newteks Speed Edit. Usually I out put a standard video format, but now I wanted to create an HD video on a Blu-Ray disc. Speed Edit created an M2T file. DVD did not recognize it as a valid video format. So, I changed the extension to M2P. This it saw, but when I viewed the video within the program's timeline, the image was upside down. I tried changing the extension to evey possible mpeg file I saw listed as files that DVDit can use, but each time the file would play upside down. I didn't try burning a disc, since I didn't want to waste a Blu-Ray disc. I'm not sure it it would burn upside down, but since the program played it that way, I kind of certain that it would. Has anyone run into this program or have a suggestion for this issue. Thank you. I wish Roxio would support and bring back this program. It is better than anything else I've seen on the market place under the thousand dollar cost. Fred