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    Burn Problem

    Using Roxio EMC10 Suite. Made a video of a birthday party a few days ago and yesterday i tried using Copy&Convert to make some copies of the DVD. The titles show up in the left pane and in the right pane I can see the rewrite speed and # of copies but the Copy Now tab is "greyed out" and cannot copy to a Verbatim DVD-R media. The Plextor burner is recognized by Roxio but I cannot figure out what the problem is. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I have the SP3 update on CD but haven't installed it yet. I got the same notification about the SP3 download in AU. I found an easier way to not show the update. All I did was to uncheck the box for the update but instead of hitting the cancel tab I hit the Close Tab. A new window popped up and I put a checkmark in "Do not show this update again" and hit the OK tab. I no longer get the SP3 update.
  3. Aviator327

    Odd Question About Video Import

    I got a good deal on a Sony RDR-VX525 DVD Recorder a few weeks ago and it works great for dubbing VHS tapes to DVD. It is a DVD/VHS combo unit. It will do basic editing once the VHS is copied to the DVD disc but i haven't tried it yet. I have been using the "one Touch button" for simple dubbing. It will also dub DV tapes from the camcorder when connected with a firewire cable to the recorder. I found out one thing though. I tried dubbing a standard 8mm tape to DVD but got an error saying, Camcodrer not recognized, Check the cable connection. I then tried a Hi8 tape in the camcorder and it copied to the DVD with no problem. I guess it doesn't the standard 8mm tapes. I have already made about a dozen DVD's for a relative of mine and am really pleased with the Sony Recorder.
  4. Aviator327

    Video Capture

    \ Affirmative. After I did a clean install of EMC 9 last week I was getting the same 30 sec pause. I said, here we go again but i found out what the problem was. It was the standard 8mm tapes that was causing the capture to pause around 30sec. I tried numerous 8mm tapes that my relative had on video and everyone caused the "pause issue" I went and got some HI8 tapes and took about a 30 min test video. I then used Capture to download the video and was waiting for it to pause at 30 sec but lo and behold it captured the entire tape. I put in another HI8 tape and recorded about an hour of video and used Capture with no problems. It recorded the 1 hour video with no "pauses". Don't know if this will work for you but is sure solved my problem. From now on will use only Hi8 tapes.
  5. Aviator327

    Wierd Image Files

    I tried again yesterday burning a folder with jpeg images to a Verbatim CD-R. I checked the images after the burn was complete and they all displayed correctly. Ejected the CD, waited a little while put it back in and came up with the distorted images again. I am just wondering if EMC6 is compatable with XP SP2.? I have never tried the CD wtiting in XP but it is worth a shot. I have always used Roxio on both of my Dell's and have never had a problem. I have a EMC9 deluxe (dell oem) but don't know if it would work on her HP. btw, she is running IE6.
  6. Aviator327

    Wierd Image Files

    This same thing happened last year when I copied some jpeg image files to a cd. I put the cd in my Dell and I got the same result, distorted images. I know she has a intragrated video and sound card in the PC. I will have to look and see what type of card it is. I checked the DXDIAG and the version is 9c. The PC is about 4 years old. I did a reinstall of XP last year which is wierd on the HP. It came with 8 or 9 installation CD's to reinstall so I don't know if I got a "clean" install or not.
  7. Aviator327

    Wierd Image Files

    The intent was not posting images on this forum. I use Pbase to host my pictures. Was just trying to show what happens when copying JPEG image files to a CD. The PC she has is a HP Pavillion running XP Home SP2. It came with EMC6 (oem) and the only application available was Creator Classic. I could see my Avatar just a little while ago on another PC. Sometimes the Pbase server will go down and all you see is a redX.
  8. Aviator327

    Wierd Image Files

    I was asked the other day to save some image files on a HP PC that belongs to a relative of mine since they have never done it. I said no problem since i do backups all the time of my important files. I copied the image files to a CD-RW disc with no problem. We viewed the files and they were pleased. Ejected the CD and a few minutes later put it back in to copy some more files and all of the image files were distorted. Have never run across this issue before. Copying regular files and folders to a CD is no problem. It only occurs when copying jpeg image files. I checked the burner in the PC and it is a Sony CDRW, CRX215E5. I am beginning to wonder if the burner is starting to go South? Below is a screenshot what the images look like.
  9. Aviator327

    Capture Problems (again)

    Yeah, i was pleased with the outcome. It's too bad that I cannot view the DVD on my Sony DVD player.
  10. Aviator327

    Capture Problems (again)

    Update. Success. Got some new Hi8 tapes last night. This morning took about a 20min test video with the new tape. Used Capture with the TRV-460 and started the download. I was waiting for the video to pause at 1 min but it kept right on trucking and I was able to capture the video. The tape I was using before was a old standard 8mm tape so that must have been the problem. Opened My DVD and burned the video to a DVD with no problems. I even tried the Plug&Burn feature and was able to download direct to the DVD with no problems. Going to keep my fingers crossed for future productions.
  11. Aviator327

    No Video In Dvd Playback

    Update, the video file was there after all. When i played it in Cineplayer the first video played showing the Fall Follage. I clicked the Files tab and the one I wanted was there. It was the second file. Now I have a new problem. The DVD will not play in my Sony S7000 DVD player. I am prompted to "Insert Disc" after the disc is already in. Now i have to figure out why it will not play in the DVD player.
  12. Aviator327

    No Video In Dvd Playback

    The ISO image that I burned this morning to DVD played back but what i was viewing was default "Fall follage" in the preview screen so I know it is working. I think i know what the problem might be. When i opened MY DVD, I went to file>New>DVD- NO Menu. When Media Selector opened up my video files are there. I clicked the green arrow and the video will start playing. I clicked the Add tab to import the file to My DVD. This is where I think the problem lies. Shouldn't my file be displayed in the Preview window? When I click the Edit Movie tab all I get is a black screen but the audio is playing. I may be trying to make a ISO image of the wrong file is the only think that I can think of. The file name was saved in Movie Maker as Movie_0001.
  13. Aviator327

    Capture Problems (again)

    I checked the firewire cable connection and everything was snug. I used win Movie Maker to import the video with no problem. The Sony software is not installed on my PC. The camcorder belongs to a relative of mine. When i try to use capture in EMC the camcorder is recognized as a Sony DV. The video pauses will pause at 1 min after I click the Capture tab.
  14. Aviator327

    No Video In Dvd Playback

    CD, i used the Burn image to disc in Disc copier. I will try what you suggested. I made another ISO image of a video file this morning. Is it normal to see a black screen in Encoding Preview during the burn process?
  15. Aviator327

    No Video In Dvd Playback

    The video was download from a Sony TRV-460 in Movie Maker and that file was saved as a .AVI file. I then used MY DVD to import that file to be burned. In the dialog box I checked the ISO selection. That file was saved to my C:\ Local Disc. This morning I used the "Burn Image" from the Copy application to a Verbatim DVD+R. When it was completed I opened up Cineplayer to view and all I got was audio. Black screen. I then went back to that file in My Videos folder and double clicked it and it open up in Win Media Player and I was able to view the video with no problem. I hope I have answered your questions.