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    Adding .srt Files To Dvd

    thanks for the clarification!
  2. ordell

    Adding .srt Files To Dvd

    i followed the instructions and added the folder with both the .avi and the .srt file, but still get the error message that the file format is not supported and therefore the .srt file can not be added. i haven't tried to burn the movie yet, but does that mean that subtitles will get burned regardless the error message (and the not added .srt file)?
  3. ordell

    Add Subtitles (srt Files)

    thanks for the correct topic link.. i will reply over there
  4. ordell

    Add Subtitles (srt Files)

    are srt files not supported by toast 9? is there any way to add subtitle-files (.srt) to DVD-Video projects?