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    no artists names

    After much experimentation and contact with Roxio email support, I have to discourage anyone that uses EMC10 to make music mixes and wants a label making program that includes artist-title information. First, the functionality for making mixes is great. Xfades, fade in-out is easy to use and the ability to listen to the transition is great. But the problem occurs when burning the disc. It does not record any artist-title information. This is the case even though I ripped cds accessing the CDDB service for artist-title info to store on my computer. With EMC10 I make my mix and burn the cd. But all that is record is New Artist-New Tlitle for each track. So you can't use the fill from cd feature to get your track listing. If you use Express Label, you can get the title listed for each song, but not artist nor song length, and the tracks aren't numbered. When I try to edit to add artist and timings, the whole thing disappears. What's maddening about this is that I had EMC7 on my old laptop running XP and the label creator worked beautifully, recording artist-title-length. I could edit anything without a problem. It completely sucks that they have forgotten or deleted this feature. Maybe this program is good for slide shows, video, etc (not my interest), but if your interest is music mixes and burning to cd with complete track information, DON'T BUY THIS PROGRAM.
  2. gawd

    no artists names

    I posted somewhere else, but I am having this same problem. I burn a music cd with transitions. I bring up create a label after it's burned and only song titles appear. Not artists. I had EMC 7 and both artists and titles appeared. OK, so I am willing to add artists to each song (with a lot of pissed off energy) and go one by one editing the track titles. When I'm done, everything disappears. I tried starting over with the same disk, and it can't recognize any tracks. Nothing appears, it's a blank slate. WTF???? I spent a lot of time figuring out that I had to get the full version of EMC 10 in order to get the transitions feature (which isn't even in Music Lab!) and now this? What kind of crap are you folks putting out and aren't you doing any kind of testing? I just bought a new Dell with Vista. Is there something about the Vista version? Grrrr, I'm just a whole lot frustrated!
  3. gawd

    no artists names

    One more bit of info. Even when I put in a commercial disk, bring up label creator and click on fill from disk, nothing appears.
  4. I want to include artist and song title on my audio cd mixes. I burn a cd and bring up label creator, choosing booklet and back. Only song titles are there. So I edit and add artists. After I do all that and choose font and size, neither the artist or the song title is there! What am I doing wrong?
  5. gawd

    Music Transition

    Good to know. 2 questions: can I download an update without buying the new package? Does MusicLab 10 have the same functionality?
  6. gawd

    Music Transition

    I have this same question. I used EMC 7 running XP. Bought a new computer with VISTA and EMC 9. this version does not seem to provide the ability to create a transition between two songs by cross fading them. You can only line up one song after another. I also don't find the cd label creator that was included in EMC7. I really can't believe you've dropped these features.