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  1. I have tried countless times to get a BD on DVD to play as an AVCHD Disc, but they all show up on the PS3 as a Data Disc. The individual files play without issue, but no menu. Tried 9.02, 9.07, 10.02, 10.04, 10.06 on OS 10.6.3. This also failed in 10.6.2, 10.5.7 Bit rate of files is below max 17.5Mbps set for AVCHD DVD's and generally play at about 16Mbps. I have carefully selected all the appropriate items in Disc, Menu and Encoding selection windows, including "Play all items cont..." and "Include scene menus . . ." I even used files from the Panasonic TM700 1080 60p in full bit rate at 28Mbps and although the video played a bit choppy, it played, but no menu! I have re-encoded at 15Mbps - no menu, just shows up as Data Disc. Out of about 10 discs, I had one success with a menu (glad DVD-R's are cheap!) Video was straight from the TM-700 in 60i (no re-encoding) and plays at 13 to 17.9Mbps. But this happened only once. PS3 is up to date on firmware/software. A couple months ago, I succeeded with Toast 9.02 on the old G4 Dual 1.42 running 10.4.11. The data files were at 24Mbps and played choppy, but the menu worked! Help! MacPro 2.8 8 core, 10GB RAM, 1.5TB RAID 0
  2. CarManDSL

    Multi-core Compatibility

    Toast 9 DOES support multi core As a follow-up to my comments when I started this thread, I have received my Mac Pro 2.8, 8 core and made the same BD onto DVD as I mentioned. On the G4 1.42 Dual with 1.5GB RAM, the 2 min 11 sec HD MPEG4 clip exported from iMovie, took a whopping 3 hrs 15 min to encode into BD and save as an Image file. Both processors ran at 100%. The Mac Pro 2.8, 8 core has a 3 x 500GB RAID 0, 2 GB RAM. The same process took an amazing 6 min! All 8 cores ran at 65 to 70%. In conclusion, I confirm with Shorafix that Roxio Toast 9 DOES utilize all cores. Shorafix, please post your exact Mac Pro configuration so that I can determine why your system used 90% and mine only 65-70% of the 8 cores.
  3. CarManDSL

    Multi-core Compatibility

    Thanks for your comments. Thought that someone from Roxio would reply, but I guess their silence confirms your experience, Toast 9 is NOT multi core compatible. My test BD on DVD for a 2 min 11 sec HD clip exported from iMovie HD in MPEG 4 format on my G4 1.42 Dual, took 3 hours and 15 min to compress and format with Toast 9! By interpolation, a 60 min BD from HD content will take 90 HOURS to encode! What format do you encode to with Compressor 3 before using Toast 9? How long does it take the MacPro 2.8 X 8 for Toast 9 to format a BD?
  4. CarManDSL

    Multi-core Compatibility

    I am researching to purchase a MacPro. Great that we can buy 2 processors with 8 cores, but unless the software is written for multi core, all that processing power is not much use. Software vendors seldom advertise "multi-core" compatibility, or better yet announce something like "Our product XXXX is written to utilize the full processing potential of multi core CPU's." I haven't found any such claim on Roxio's site. (Did I miss this somewhere?) We know that multi-core CPU's are best suited for intensive video encoding, but is Toast 9 written to benefit from this technology especially since it can now encode for BD? (As I write this, I am test encoding a 2 min HD clip into BD format to be burned onto a DVD, with a G4 1,42 Dual. At the highest possible quality and bit rate, Activity Monitor shows the CPU's running at 100%. After 20 minutes, Toast 9.0.2 has completed only 30% ! This will take ages to encode a full 60 min BD!)