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    Anyone Get This Thing To Work Yet?

    I still belive the answer is what format the video is in before toast gets it. What did people use ex(.mov or .avi) what resoulution, bit rate, etc?
  2. railnetworktv

    Blu-ray Works For Freecam

    Freecam, how did you import the video? Did you capture with final cut, then toast the raw video or did you make another qt file and then burn it?
  3. railnetworktv

    Anyone Get This Thing To Work Yet?

    Has anyone been able to burn a blu ray high definition video on a mac yet? I have final cut express and I've tried burning .mov files both compressed and un-compressed. I use a sony blue ray player. I get the error code -39. When I use MPEG-4, the video is choppy. When I use MPEG-2, the video looks no better than standard definition. If anyone has succesfully burned one, please let me know how you created the file and how to burn it.
  4. railnetworktv

    Alomost There...

    I've been able to burn blu-ray disks from toast 9.2 on the mac with a lacie burner by raising the bit rate to max and changing the encoding format to mpeg2. The image quality doesn't look as good but it works. I'm still hoping roxio will provide some fixes.
  5. railnetworktv

    Alomost There...

    Hi MacElroy, thank you for the work you've done on this. I wish Roxio would do the same to fix these problems. I have a SONY HD5 and final cut express. Can you tell me what settings you used to render your video (compression, resolution codec) and what settings you used in toast. Thank you very much.
  6. railnetworktv

    Data Fork, -39 ?

    I have the exact same problem on the lacie burner with a macbook.
  7. railnetworktv

    Burning Blu-rays With Toast 9.02

    I tried setting up a blu-ray project with a 4 minute clip .mov file at 1280x720 on a dvd-r disk. It started the write process and got the following message: The drive reported an error sense key = hardware error sense code = 0x90, 0x90 Track following error I'll see if there's any drive updates on the lacie site.
  8. railnetworktv

    Burning Blu-rays With Toast 9.02

    Hi all. I have a Mac Book duo core 2 Ghz, 22b or ram a lacie blu-ray burner and I used Final Cut express to edit the video. I shot the video on a sony hdr-hc5 and rendered it as a 1280x720 .mov file. Toast 9 runs through the encoding process and writes something to the bd-re disk but near the end I get error -39 and a message that mac os could not complete the command. My blu-ray player (sony) plays the video, the image quality is amazing, but its jumpy. It will play 5 seconds of video, then jump ahead to something else, then look like a slide show. It also lists the disk as a bd-rom. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.