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    Unreliable Multiplexing Eyetv Files In Toast 9 ?

    Thanks - I too have had symptoms you described - encoding (HD)/multiplexing (SD) issues - and when it fails, CPUs go from 100% to about 10%, but the app doesn't ACTUALLY crash... just hangs and only after I click Cancel, it concedes Not Responding. As I wrote... all that works better in 8, so I'll stick to that. I can still use 9 for writing data discs (.eyetv HD files for backup) & I'll use that to check for updates, but I've given up on 9 for now. I am running Bluetooth for my keyboard and won't be changing that... if it doesn't work, I'll run 8 and ask for a refund if they don't fix it. Something you mentioned, I can confirm. I'm sure it worked better initially and has actually gotten worse over time (same versions of all software). I'm running an Al iMac (2.4 Ghz, 4GB RAM), 10.5.2, EyeTV 3.0.1 (3545), Toast 9.0.2. Toast 8 works well enough, if I keep emptying the Converted Items folder during long sessions. What I really wanted 9 to do was make Blu-ray HD discs on DVD, that I could read in my BD player. Which fails completely for my player and others I've tried... I'll have a look at the selfserve page. I'd rather Roxio just ran a list of known issues and fix status instead of discussion forums. At this stage, it would take all night to list all my problems with 9 and as I've stated... I've spent all the time I'm going to on software unfit for release.
  2. MacRant

    Unreliable Multiplexing Eyetv Files In Toast 9 ?

    actually, I switched back to Toast 8 on the weekend. Much faster and much more reliable. Jobs that ran for an hour multiplexing in Toast 9, took a couple of minutes in Toast 8. I need Toast to clear my hard drive on a daily basis and I don't need it to be a problem. A working Toast has more steps than I'd like. I don't have time for experimenting with exporting streams. 8 does the lowest common denominator job I need it for. It's disappointing that none of the new features of 9 work for me and I trust that Roxio will get it working eventually. I'm appalled that what works in 8 is broken in 9. A very bitter experience for me. And a lot of valuable time wasted. I got the impression that 9.0.2 was generally working, but I find it to be broken in all respects except writing a data disc. And that's just not good enough.
  3. Multiplexing EyeTV in Toast 8 worked well. In 9, I've had problem after problem. SOME files it just won't multiplex. HD recordings - gets to 50% and won't complete. When you cancel, it stops responding. SD recordings - says there isn't enough room on the disc, although there was when it started. Takes 10 times longer to multiplex than 8. Anyone else had these problems? Anyone solved them? Is Roxio fixing this or do I just ask for a refund. I'm actually worse off with 9 than I was with 8!! 9 doesn't make BD on DVD that works in any player I've tried. And what previously worked in 8 only works half the time in 9! How do I safely get rid of 9 and reinstall 8?
  4. MacRant

    Multi-core Compatibility

    Toast 8 and 9 gleefully grab 100% of both cores in my iMac C2D chip. Maybe things change when you have 2 chips like the 8 core, but they've always grabbed as much as they want from both cores, even for very short multiplexing operations. Don't know if this helps or confuses the issue.
  5. MacRant

    How Do I Make A Blu-ray Dvd-r From Eyetv ?

    Thanks, RB. I'm always interested in ways of getting 5.1 output (a friend has a Firewave that works well, although only Dolby Digital). I'll never have enough hard drive space to keep all my HD (much less back it up?), so I need to put it on discs, preferably ones that will play in a BD player. I've done a bit more homework - the disc I made didn't play in a Sony 300, as suggested in other discussions. The player (mis-) identified it as AVCHD, attempted to play it and produced a new kind of digital break-up I've never seen before, a kind of random checker-board of black squares and (sharp) picture, with very little audio - but at least it tried. From a bit more Wikipedia digging, I've discovered that what is being called BD on DVD, appears to be called BD5 (single layer) and BD9 (dual), in the BD spec, and it's been around for a while, so it's not new technology or a kludge or compromise. It is my wish that Roxio and the player manufacturers would use the correct names, as this is the purpose of a standard - so people know what you're talking about. On the other hand, case in point - Is Toast making BD5 & BD9 format discs or a kludge that might work on some players? Since the correct name is not being used, one might conclude that the discs do not meet the standard?? I'm beginning to draw the same conclusion as a lot of others here, that we are paying (and in Australia, you really pay, $120) for the privilege to do beta testing. I'm back to my Toast 8 process of just burning EyeTV files to disc and hoping Toast will bring out a product that will make BD player compatible discs. Worse, the audio is out of sync on the standard DVDs and I'm wondering if Toast 9 makes anything correctly, at all!! Aah, another 'discussion' topic for me to commence... If there's no fix coming soon, I'll be asking for a refund.
  6. MacRant

    How Do I Make A Blu-ray Dvd-r From Eyetv ?

    Thanks for that. I was beginning to suspect that the Sharp was too basic to do the job. This BD on DVD sounds cool, and I can't see the point of AVCHD, especially for DTV, which is already mpeg2, so it's just... BUMMER! Is there a way of getting Toast 9 to make an AVCREC disc ? and do you think the Sharp would play that format ? If I've got to wait for transcoding, I guess I've just got to wait.
  7. MacRant

    How Do I Make A Blu-ray Dvd-r From Eyetv ?

    Thanks. I haven't bothered with a BD burner for my Mac, partly because of the price of the drives (mostly because I'm interested in playback on HD TV and LPCM sound on a good surround system, not my computer), and 'quite a bit because' the blanks are still too expensive for all but one-offs like weddings or something. A DVD is fine for digital TV (files are much smaller)... but as you can see by the comment after yours... the player I have won't do BD on DVD. Sigh.
  8. MacRant

    How Do I Make A Blu-ray Dvd-r From Eyetv ?

    Thanks, gaper1 The process makes sense - the Toast interface has been cleaned up nicely in 9, taking a lot of the complexity away, but when things aren't working, it doesn't give you much to de-bug. Problem for me is, I upgraded to 9 for BD on DVD, paying the same price as I paid for Toast 8, 2 months ago (and it's expensive in Australia $120). This is all the Sharp BD player manual says about compatible & incompatible discs... Can you tell me one way or the other about BD on DVD, from looking at this? I can't find anything about BD on DVD as a standard Thanks ■ Can Play Back BD Video (with Region code “B” and “ALL” only) BD-RE Ver. 2.1 1L (*finalised disc only) BD-R Ver. 1.1 1L (*finalised disc only) DVD Video (with Region code “4” and “ALL” only) DVD-RW/DVD-R (*finalised disc only) DVD+RW/DVD+R (*finalised disc only) DVD-R DL (*finalised disc only) Audio CD CD-RW/CD-R ■ Cannot Play Back CDG, Video CD, Photo CD, CD-ROM, CD-TEXT, SVCD, SACD, PD, CDV, CVD, DVD-RAM, DVD-Audio, BD-RE Ver. 1.0, BD-RE DL, CD-MP3, CD-WMA, DIVX Disc Type Recording
  9. Is it just me, but the user manual for 9.02 doesn't actually tell you how to make a blu-ray DVD-R, much less how to do it from EyeTV files?? I have: selected Video/Blu-ray Video selected DVD in the drop-down next to the Record button dragged an EyeTV recording from the EyeTV recordings window into the toast window, which Toast seems happy with inserted a DVD-R & pressed Record successfully burnt the disc - Toast said so & everything looks in-order on the disc placed it in Sharp BD-HP20X [region b] - and the player gives "incompatible disc" and spits it back out I have not been able to get the BD player to load any firmware updates - it recognises the USB stick, but not the file. And I'm chasing that issue separately, but any comments would be useful. CAN ANYONE COMMENT on my burning process (is this the correct method?), whether they've done this with success, and if possible - do you know if the discs should be compatible with the player. Thanks