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  1. I'm working with Tech Support. Their first suggestion was to make sure the Toast preferences are set to none, then change the individual movies, but it did not work. Another observation was that whenever I go back to the Toast preferences, it is also stuck on Automatic regardless of what I had selected before; however, whenever I pick any others setting that automatic, that is the default that comes up when I check the individual movies, but alas, Automatic does not work as expected. I'm going to try the delete the plist for Toast and see if that works. Eric
  2. OK, then this is perhaps another clue, most of my movies are iMovie HD and on an external drive, so they don't show up in the Movies folder of the Media browser, I can only navigate to them using the "Files" option.
  3. I just tried adding all the movies using the Media browser, and still the chapter markers just revert back to "5 minutes" if I set them, save the project and return to check the settings again. Eric
  4. No, I'm dragging and dropping the projects from the Finder ... please tell me it's that simple, because after another 4 hours to burn my projects using the linked Quicktime movies I still can't get the chapters to work. Eric
  5. That's interesting, so you are seeing the exact opposite behavior..... I've got chapters in my iMovie projects too, but "5 minutes" is the only option that sticks, while you have chapter markers and are getting "automatic"... for the sake of my project, I'd like to have your issue
  6. David, Thanks for the tips; however, even when I link to the Q-time movie version as you suggest, Toast refuses the "hold" my selection. I select a particular chapter option and click Done, but when I return it's always reset to "5 minutes" for good measure I tried "None" but even that gets reset to "5 minutes"... something appears to be locking in the "5 minutes" choice regardless of what I choose?! Eric
  7. I'm trying to use iMovie chapter markers in Toast Titanium 9 to burn a DL DVD with 5 movies about 32 minutes each. Each iMovie has from 4 to 6 chapter markers. When I edit each movie object in Toast, setting the markers to Automatic and burn the project it does NOT give me the iMovie chapter makers. instead I get "every 5 minutes." When I go back and check the .disc project, the chapters have indeed been reset to "every 5 minutes" So I tried setting the markers again, saving and closing the .disc project and re-opening it again...and again the chapter markers have been reset to "every 5 minutes"! So, I'm not sure what the root cause is, but can someone suggest how to make the iMovie chapter markers transfer to my DVD images Thanks.