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    Multichannel Audio Disc Burns

    I have a number of 5.1 sound files (Apple Lossless, WAV, both playable in Quicktime multichannel) that I desire to burn to a DVD or mini-BD for playback in my home theater without using my HTPC. I haven't found a way to trick Toast to burn these files without conversion. I suppose I should try to find a way to mux them into a BD disc format externally, then Roxio can burn them. Ideas?
  2. Dizziness

    Multi-core Compatibility

    Simply - no. I max out at 20% on my 8 x 2.8 machine. I compress with Compressor 3 first.
  3. Dizziness

    Recommened Workflow For Exporting From Final Cut Studio 2

    Compressor 3 has HD-DVD presets for encoding. Use them from Final Cut Pro (Export>Using Compressor). The drop these encoded elementary streams into Toast to author the disc. Works like a charm here.