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    Recording Audio From The Mac Speakers To The Disk

    OK, John gave some great info above. It was wrong but it most certainly got me going in a good direction. First of all, The correct instructions are far more easy than the above link. The correct instructions are: Launch CD Spin Doctor. Start a new recording. Go to the BOLD CD spin doctor menu and pick "Install Audio Capture Support". When done, you are, well, done. Now you can pick from the list of INPUT DEVICES a new option which says "CD Spin Doctor Capture Support". Once that is done, you can play anything on your mac and it will be recorded. I launched Parallels and using Windoz XP, started a book. CD Spin Doctor could record the book with no problem. Almost great. Spin Doctor still will not work for books. The reason is because of the recording space needed. With the new capture support, I can pick new sample rates. The lowest sample rat that Spin Doctor now offers is 11,025 hz 32 bits stereo. With 214 GB of space on my hard drive, I can capture 6 hours and 44 min of audio. The book is 22 hours long. Since the book is in a 'secure format' copying the files won't work. (Unless someone else out there know a way). There is no option to record to a different hard drive in Spin Doctor, as I can see, so I am stuck again. OoooooooK. Now my new problem to get the program to work. Does anybody know, (John???), how to make Spin doctor record in mono and at a much lower record rate? How about record in MP3? Second question, does anybody know how to get the files out of a OverDrive Media Explorer folder and copy the files to another format, such as MP3? Russ
  2. There are subscription services that allow you to rent audio books and play them on your PC or a PC type music player. I have neither. What I do have is Parallels and some windoz program by Microsoft that allows me to play a book and then the book self destructs after 2 weeks. In the Toast 9 advertising, it states, "Your source for music discovery. The Internet is an amazing way to discover new music and now Toast 9 enables you to record directly from the Internet. In fact, regardless of the source, if your Mac can play it, Toast can record it, edit it and burn it!" OK, this tells me I can play my book in Windoz and hear the audio on my mac speakers and have Toast 9 record it. Again, the advertising says, IF YOUR MAC CAN PLAY IT, TOAST CAN RECORD IT. So where is the option to allow me to record the audio? My choice was to purchase Toast 9, or try Ambrosia software's Wire Tap Studio. Since I use Toast 8, and trust Roxio, I figured this is a better way to go. Any ideas on how to get recording? Thanks a bunch guys. Now to shop around for a BR disk player so I can actually use the Toast 9 for what it was ment to be used for. Russ
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    Recording Audio From The Mac Speakers To The Disk

    After about 2 hours of trying all the different programs that came with Toast 9, I found another issue. The above statement that I copied from the Toast web page talks about recording from the internet. Going through all the programs, I seem to be missing the place that I can record from the internet. The only place that even gets close, is using the sub program called CD Spin Doctor. There you can pick from the LINE IN to record from, but no place else. Another issue is the record quality. It seems to be stuck at High Quality. I have 180 megs of free space on my disk, and CD Spin Doctor says I have enough room on my hard drive for 1.8 hours of recording. Not much good for recording an audio book. All recordings are stereo, and in such a high sampling rate, that 1.8 hours is the best I can do. Choosing some of the other rates get me as low as 55 min of recording. Is there anybody from Roxio Support that can address my questions/issues? If the program can't do what is advertised as doing, should I move my discussion over to the "how to get a refund" form?