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    Poor Quality Video Effects

    Thanks again. One more stupid question - if I upgrade my video card, do I then go in and "hardware" box on EMC 10, or are these two issues not related? Thanks, this board has been more helpful than hours of other research! It's a real life saver for a beginner like me.
  2. big ry

    Poor Quality Video Effects

    Thanks Gary! Hardware was clicked and at first glance, the graphics are much better when Software is checked (although the transistions are still a little choppy). I will also look for updated drivers. Can I replace my existing card with something better? I don't do any gaming and am just starting to do video editing, so, I don't need anything top of the line, but are there any good, lower end cards you would recommend? Thanks again for all the help.
  3. big ry

    Poor Quality Video Effects

    Thanks for the reply! I have an Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family and Direct X9c. Both seemed to fit the specs for the software. I tried downloading updated drivers from Dell's website (Dell Dimensions 5100), but that did not seem to work. I am going to try uploading an update posted to Roxio's site for EMC 10, but any other help you can provide would be much appreciated!
  4. big ry

    Poor Quality Video Effects

    I installed EMC 10 on my computer (Dell Dimensions 510) and things were going fine, until I started adding video effects. For example, when applying the black and white effect, half of the picture remained in color. Same goes for other effects only partially applying. Anyone run into this problem?