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  1. swtnsj

    Invalid Cd Key

    Thanks Larry. I followed your instructions and it worked. Thanks again!
  2. swtnsj

    Invalid Cd Key

    This is a repost of my earlier posts. This is my first problem that I posted earlier. I got the full version of Easy Media Creator 9. I tried to open my video wave and I get this Mpeg-2 needs to be installed first. So I clicked ok and then I get bad installation. I had the program for over a year and it just started to act up. I did a clean installation removing anything that had to do with Roxio or Sonic and Direct X service. I can use other parts of the program with not problem, but every time I open it up it wants me to register the program which I did a year ago. Which hasn't been corrected. Here's my second problem. Ok I tried all the stuff that I described above. So I tried to install the program again and I get a message that I have a invalid cd key. Now every time I start the computer I get "Runtime Error Program: ommon Files\roxio Shared\9.0\Shared Com\RoxLiveShare9.exe. R6025 pure vitual function call.I really don't know what to do next. I am ready to start looking for a new software program. Too many problems with this one. I decided to give it another try to reinstall the software. I decided to reregister my software again which I did a year ago. I got a email thanking me for registering the software, ok. I went to support and saw a topic Invalid CD key so I clicked on it. I saw a message to install a zipfile emc9rmv.zip 7kb it said to follow the directions so I clicked on it and saved it to my computer. I later tried to install it and my antivirus detected a trojan and wouldn't let me install it. Has anybody had this problem.
  3. swtnsj

    Photosuite 9

    Yes that is what I intended to do. Either cut the house out and put it over another picture or cut the background behind the house out and insert a picture behind it. It should work either way.
  4. swtnsj

    Photosuite 9

    Basically I have a picture of a house. I want to delete the background (all the scenery behind the house) with another one. I saved the picture as a jpeg instead of a dmsp file. When I opened it up in Photosuite as a jpeg there isn't a problem, but with the dmsp file only the background showed. So I guess I will have to make most editing as a jpeg instead of a dmsp file. This stuff can be crazy sometimes. I always saved pictures as a dmsp file so I could go back and make adjustments if neccessary. Then when I was done I saved it as a jpeg or bmp file. Go figure.
  5. swtnsj

    Photosuite 9

    I opened the picture that I was going to use. I clicked on the All tab and clicked on the Tools tab and selected Mask/Cutout by color. I selected the background that I wanted to cut out. I clicked Creat Cutout. I then selected Cookie-cut it out and clicked OK. The background was removed. I clicked on the Common tab and selected insert photos & cut outs. From there I selected a photo for the background. I slid it in place, right clicked on mouse and selected change order clicked backward. It looks great until I bring it up later for futher editing. I can see the picture in my picture folder but when I open it up in Photosuite just the background shows up. I have tried this before and had no problems.
  6. swtnsj

    Photosuite 9

    I am using Photosuite 9 part of the Easy Creator 9 package for photos. I scanned a photo as a jpeg file at 400dpi. I cut out the background and replaced it with a new background photo that is a jpeg. But when I bring it back up for further editing the original photo disappears. The only thing that is left is the new background that I inserted. . I originally saved it as a dmsp file. I running Windows XP with service pack 3. I never had a problem before. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it, but I still have the same problem. Any ideas.
  7. swtnsj

    Editing Commericals

    Thanks for your help it worked perfectly.
  8. swtnsj

    Editing Commericals

    I have been trying to edit some commericals out of a video that I captured using the timeline view. My problem is that the markers are so close together that I can't click between them to delete the commericals. I also tried clicking the marker at the beginning of the section and press CTRL and click the marker at the end of the section but it still doesn't work. I don't have a problem if the commerical is longer and the markers have more space between them. Any ideas.
  9. swtnsj

    Video Editing with VideoWave

    I thought that was the problem. I have been shopping around for a better video. Thanks for you help.
  10. I tried to edit some video with Video Wave and I get two or three frames deleted and the computer freezes up. I can't move or close down. After about 5 minutes still nothing so I had to shut the computer down by pressing the button. Any suggestions. Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Motherboard: Ausa A7N8V-LA Graphic: Nvidia Geforce 4 MX Intergrated GPU 64mb Sound: Nvidia ® Nforce Sound Codec Interface Processor: AMD Althon XP 3200+2.20 GHz Hard Drive: Western Digital 160g Memory: 1g
  11. I got my VCR hooked up to the computer and started to capture a video. After I got done I went to review it and I get this message "The following codecs must be activated before using the application. MPEG-2 Click to active or cancel to abort." So I clicked to continue. Then a another message comes up and says "No permission-Bad installation." Then I couldn't review the video. The capture settings: where DVD HQ and MPEG-2, 8mbps and Imput is composite Video. In fact when I opened the Roxio Media Import window I got the same message but I didn't have a problem capturing the video. I am puzzled. I just started to learn this stuff maybe I missed something. I am running Windows Xp, 2.3AMD, 1g Memory, 160 g hard drive, Nvidia® nforce sound card and a Kworld capture card. . Thank you!
  12. I was trying to burn a slide show on a CD with Photosuite 7. After burning a image file dmsd to my hard drive I tried to Burn to Disc and a get a error message "Error while examining drives Result=80045203". It doesn't seem to recongize my DVD/CD RW burner in the drop down box. I have a NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD. The burner works with other programs. I went to the Device Manger and it says everything is enabled and working. I am running Windows XP. HP, AMD 2.3 gig, 160gig HD, 1 gig Memory. Any suggestions?
  13. swtnsj

    Photosuite 8

    Thanks for the information. I know the panoramic tool on Photosuite 7 is awful. That's good to hear that the new program is improved. I hope they have a easer tool for the paint & draw portion of the program. I found when painting old B&W photos or changing the regular color photos that comes in handy.
  14. Has anybody bought Photesuite 8. I was wondering how many improvements where made.
  15. I tried to download a update for Roxio Easy DVD Copy about 20mb but was unsuccessful. It keeps sending me back to the update page after I click to download. I have disabled my pop up blocker, firewall and disabled my internet security as another member suggested but I still cannot download the update. . Any suggestions.