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  1. Missing d3dx9_33.dll file and can't start dvd creator or video edit in NXT2
  2. linny

    Missing Pics On Burned Dvd's

    I randomly lose pictures when burning a dvd from VideoWave (EMC10). I am running a Dell 4600 2Gram and 540G hard drive space. All Startups have been disabled in msconfig. What can be causing this?
  3. linny

    Missing Pics On Burned Dvd's

    I am using a 3.00 pentium 4 with Windows XP, 2G RAM and 540 G hardrive and Nvidia GeForce FX5200 card. I was using Memorex R+ lightscribe disks. I finally got things to work but did I use up some disks during the trial and error period.
  4. Is there a way to get multiple movies to run consecutively burning with DVDExpress? By run consecutively, I mean without having to start the next movie.