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    Will Mydvd10 Work With My Files?

    I have a Canon DC100 DVD camcorder. The file extensions it produces are .IFO, .VOB, and .BUP (have no idea what this is). Want to string all my shots together and burn onto one DVD, with added music and titles, if possible. Also want to be able to insert still JPEGs. Don't want much, do I? Looks like MyDVD 10 Premier will do this, but don't want to invest until I'm absolutely positive. Help - I'm new to this process. Already have Creator 9 on my new computer and a DVD burner drive, with Windows Vista.
  2. travelgirl

    Will Mydvd10 Work With My Files?

    Thanks for the link. However, I was asking whether or not MyDVD 10 would work with the file extensions, which you didn't answer. Anyone else out there that can actually assure me whether or not it will work with the above noted file extensions? And what the heck is .BUP?