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  1. I just installed NXT2 Pro and am trying to edit a project created in NXT Pro. When MyDVD attempts to open the project a message window appears that Microsoft is attempting to resolve an issue with it and everything shuts down. Is NXT2 Pro backward compatible to NXT Pro? If not, why not?
  2. rch0425

    Creator 2011 Pro Mydvd

    thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of the criteria for this duration situation. I'm not sure what the times are for frames before and after, but I will try to increase each one so I can have a good transition. I appreciate your input. Reg Hill
  3. rch0425

    Creator 2011 Pro Mydvd

    I have run into this situation before, but it wasn't as critical as it is with my new project. I am adding transitions between scenes in a MYDVD project and trying to set a standard duration time. I can put a value in the box and click apply to all, but when I look at each transition, they are not all the same. If I put in 3.0 seconds, some are as little as .17 and .60 and I can't change them to be 3.0. What is the restriction and why can't I get around it? This project is for a wedding and I need longer transition times. This is on Creator 2011 Pro MYDVD and I'm running on an AMD Phenom 9550 quad processor with 8gb memory and 4.6TB disk storage, using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and IE8. Anybody have a fix for this?
  4. I am trying to capture a VHS tape in Creator 2011 Pro, using Windows 7 Home Premium, Systemax AMD Phenom 9550 with 8gb memory and 4.6T disk storage utilizing Canopus ADVC300 digital video device. At start of capture, I receive the error message shown in the Topic Description every time. When I look at the detail, I also find a message that "Template Manager returned an error". Of course there is no error message or hint as to what this means, but I cannot capture my VHS tape with one of the most sophisticated capture devices on the market! Any suggestions as to what causes this problem? All of my drivers are up to date and I can use this device with other software. However, I prefer to use Creator 2011 Pro, if it works.
  5. rch0425

    Error While Burning Dvd

    Well, I find that answer somewhat ambiguous. I have Creator 2011 pro (with SP1) and am getting this "8007000e Error while Encoding Menu" message as well. My system is an AMD Phenom 9550 Quad Processor with 8gb memory and 4.6T of disk space. I am running Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium and for the longest time while creating this project, I couldn't get past the "not responding" messages. Today I discovered the folder in which I was trying to burn an ISO image was read-only, but got no messages from Roxio regarding this problem. I solved that, but now am getting the error while encoding the menu. The project I am working on consists of 18 film clips that I am making chapters with. The rendering worked until Menu time, so what can you advise me to do at this point? SP1 was installed before I began the project.
  6. I'd like to join in on this discussion, after reading the problems and suggestions, but I'm having the same error message 80004005 which states there was an "error while normalizing audio". Is this the same problem or does this error message number mean anything? How does MyDVD blow up with this error and not tell you which audio file is bad? Any suggestions? This is running on Windows Vista Home Premium with dual core laptop processor. I've got plenty of memory and disk space, but keep getting this error. Also, when opening the project in MyDVD, I'm getting a list of warning messages about files missing. However, when I preview the project, everything is there. What's this all about??
  7. I've been working on this project for several weeks and need some help. When I started it, I was going to try to insert this one video into an existing project, so I created it without a menu. As things went along, I discovered the length was not going to fit onto the original project for a quality DVD, so I made this menuless video a separate project. Now, I have two problems with it. 1. Since there is no menu, it starts playing automatically as soon as the DVD loads. I need to manually start it. 2. I've been asked to add a separate subject to this project, so now I need to add menus. I've tried clicking on the Menu tab but everything under it is grayed out and not available. So, how can I add menues to a project that started out without menues? If I can do that, I'll solve the first problem./ Thanks for any help I can receive.
  8. Thanks again for your sage advice. I have a Gateway dual-core 3.0 GHz system running Windows XP Media Creation Edition with SP2. I've tried to use SP3 but it does not function properly. I am using an NVIDIA FX9400 with 1GB memory video card and have a total of 1.2TB of disk storage. There are 4.0GB of RAM (can't use but 3.2 due to 32 byte restrictions). I think I have enough horsepower to do the job, but this package keeps blowing up on me. This project started out on Videowave, where I created most of the main project. I moved that to MyDVD where I added more events to the menu and everything went pretty smoothly. I had some user delays regarding the memorial portion of this program, so I created an additional project to create the structure for that event. I created it in MyDVD for no particular reason, but it is pretty intensive from a video and audio perspective, so I hate to have to recreate it. That piece was to be the insert in the original project, but it fit between two parts of the original. I basically have a video with 5 menu options and this piece was to fit into the 5th part, if that makes sense. I just assumed I could insert this additional project between two portions of the original in MyDVD at the Story Line level, but it looks like I guessed wrong. The entire project will take up most of 2 DVD-R media, so it is rather involved. I appreciate any advice you may have, and I will redo the entire project, if that's necessary.
  9. Thanks. Yes, they are three separate projects, but I used Videowave on the first and tried to add the second, using MyDVD, it didn't work. I guess I'll have to just burn each one and then use the combine feature to read the iso files and put them together that way. I don't want to have to go back and recreate them, it has taken me days to do these the way the friend wanted. BTW - have you had problems with this system (EMC 10) crashing on edit? It's all I can do to keep the thing running. I have to uninstall and reinstall about every other day - sometimes multiple times per day. I think this software stinks!
  10. I am in the middle of a project that required me to segment the subject into 3 parts. I have the three MyDVD movies prepared, but now need to combine them into one production. If I use MyDVD to try to add one segment to the end of the first, the segment to be added does not show in the select, so I can't simply add it to the end using the storyline. The movies consist entirely of photographs and audio and I used MyDVD for effects instead of creating a slide show. Now, however, I cannot seem to find how to merge them together. Has anyone tried this? Any suggestions? The project is a military funeral, memorial service and reception following. I am doing this for a friend and really need a fix for it asap. Thanks
  11. I've run into this problem with both MYDVD and VideoWave in EMC 10. Never had the problem in other releases. I have a clip that is 1.49GB and add it to either editors and they only import 1228.9MB! This is in separate imports and halts at the exact same place each time. I have just purchased an Nvidia Geforse 9400 FX 1GB video card and have a Gateway Dual Core 4GB Media Center Edition XP system. 1.2 TB disk space, so I've got the horsepower to do this, the software just doesn't load the whole clip. Wish I could help, If I find out anything I'll certainly let you know...
  12. Thanks Jim. I've tried the Windows Movie Maker and the entire clip is processed. I haven't tried it in Nero, but will do so tonight. It seems a little odd to me that Roxio has done this. I'm not sure if I agree that the file is corrupt, I have more than one copy of that same clip and all of the act the same in Roxio, but not in Windows Movie Maker. Thanks for your advice, I really do appreciate your input. Reg Hill
  13. I am trying to add a movie to my MYDVD project and have a clip that is in mpg format. The clip is 24.50 minutes long when I simply play it with Windows Media Player. However, when it is added to the project the length is only 9.23 minutes. How can this happen? I am importing it as normal (4:3) format and nothing fancy about any of this process. It is NTFS format and I've watched the entire thing in Windows Media Player and in the edit portion of MYDVD. The Roxio software just contains the 9.23 minutes and has dropped the rest. Has anyone had this problem and what am I doing wrong to have this situation? I am using EMC 10 on a Gateway dual core 4gb desktop Pentium D. I have 1.2T of disk storage and Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002 OS. I would appreciate any feedback that you can give. Thanks
  14. rch0425

    Emc 10 Mydvd Xp Pro Cannot Open Project

    Well, it's getting worse and I think you are correct to suggest I do the project over again. I tried to fool the system last nigh, but got nowhere. I created a menu that was like the main menu on the original project and saved it as something close to the original name. Then I went to the file and renamed it, renamed the original file the new file name and tried to open that one. No go. So, I think I'll start the project over again. I appreciate your help...
  15. rch0425

    Emc 10 Mydvd Xp Pro Cannot Open Project

    Well, the new project opened fine, but when I closed it and tried to open the one giving trouble, I still got the errors. Now, I didn't try closing and saving the new one and reopening it, so I'll give that a go. OK, I tried opening the new project, closing and saving it, and reopening it. That worked just fine! Now, it looks like I've got to get around the other problem. Thanks for the new info. I'll let you know what happens next.