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    Record Now! Ver 7.1

    Dear Lynn, I am using Record Now 6.5+ (originally from SONIC). I could be that Roxio doesn't want to support the orphaned programs. I had no problems at all until about a year ago. I get these codes px.dll: pxafs.dll: pxdrv.dll: pxmas.dll: pxsfs.dll: pxwave.dll: pxwma.dll: I have been having similar problems and have not yet found a solution. I did recently install the update for the px engine,but it did not solve my problem. Here is the link maybe it will work for you. http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/conte...0GN&PARAMS= I can copy a DVD (backup until the last 2 min and it stops with that annoying general error message. I have tried jsut about everything: already replaced both drives and may try another software--but don't know which (don't know which ones to trust now). I once got an idea on a blog that Windows Media Player could cause a problem, so I removed it. The problem remained. I did just see a patch for this issue and downloaded it, still did not solve it. Sorry, I have not much to help you. If you resolve it, let me know, there might be something that will help me. I am ready to start with a new computer. Here is another page of possible solutions--none of which solved my issue. http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/conte...5GN&PARAMS= Good Luck Gracie
  2. gracie

    Sonic Record Now Deluxe

    I believe I started this string a couple of years ago. I am still trying to figure it out. I see now that many more of you are getting the same or similar error codes. px.dll: pxafs.dll: pxdrv.dll: pxmas.dll: pxsfs.dll: pxwave.dll: pxwma.dll: I got a clue from one of you who mentioned px engine. These error codes may be from that. I tried to google these codes and only came back to this website--all of our questions. I am using Sonic (now Roxio) Record Now Deluxe. I have Windows X (2004 Dell Dimension 8300 computer) changed both CD Rom/CD burner and DVD burner (Phillips). But it does not appear to be those drives as it did it with the old ones--that's why I replaced them. I got all the updates available for drivers and firmware. I even installed an updated Nvidia Display Driver (that caused me other issues on Internet pages--so I would not recommend this). I can rarely get a good copy of a DVD (can't figure out why). I was able to makes copies up until about 2 years ago. (note: these are DVD's that I record off of my tv--not commerical ones) I may revert back to the original Sonic Record Now (not the Deluxe) and see if that will help (maybe when I converted to the Deluxe is when it started going wrong). I was thinking of trying another program--BUT I WON'T BUY ROXIO. IF WINDOWS UPDATES HAVE CORRUPTED ROXIO PRODUCTS--THEN THEY SHOULD LOOK INTO IT AND GIVE OUT A FIX!!!!! LET ME KNOW IF ANYONE COMES UP WITH THE SOLUTION. THIS IS GETTING COSTLY! I HAVE TRIED SO MANY THINGS TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS. I have bought Reigstry Cleaners, recently paid for a Computer Tuneup Service. I bought more RAM. NOTHING HAS ADDRESSED THE ISSUE! Now I need more memory on my hard drive. It looks like I will get a larger har drive and start from scratch--AND LEAVE ANY ROXIO PRODUCTS OUT OF IT ALTOGETHER!!!! P.S.-- CORRECTION--I AM USINGWINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL PS--What is an px engine? Where would I lool for it on my computer? Do I need to update it? Or could it cause even more problems? Maybe it should be removed? Does anyone know?
  3. PROBLEM WITH SONIC RECORD NOW I wrote in on 07-08-08, but can't find my post now. I have a Dell Deimension computer pruchased in April 2004. For a couple of years I had no problems. then I started having problems copying DVD's. It appeared that the top CD ROM drive was bad (would not read dvd's or CD's. So I replaced it. Then I still got errors for copying DVD's. I like to make backups because they are a bit delicate and some can't be played once they get scratched. I have no problems copying CD's. So, I then thought maybe the bottom drive (CD/DVD burner) was bad --so I replaced it. I tried getting the new firmware for Record Now, etc. I can't remember everything now. I searched on a lot of the websites and blogs, with no solutions. Some people mentioned that that windows updates may have caused some problems. I suspected that maybe an update maybe corrupted something--so I reinstalled the drivers. It is possible that I am getting errors from electonic quirks in my DVD recorder (connected to my tv). Perhaps that is causing the reading errors. But I can't be sure. I keep getting these messages (I will list below)-- but I have not gotten anyone to respond and tell me what this means. I have noe filled by hardrive as I do a lot of photography. So I may be getting a new harddrive. I would like to know what would be a better program to install in the new harddrive so that I can begin backing up my DVD's again. I haven't tried to remove Record Now as I don;t have a replacement and it does work for CD's or VCDs. I found these error messages but have no idea what they mean? px.dll: pxafs.dll: pxdrv.dll: pxmas.dll: pxsfs.dll: pxwave.dll: pxwma.dll: If you or anyone can can give me any advice, I would appreciate it. Gracie PS To Clarify--I am trying to copy DVD's (backups) that I record on my DVD recorder (no computer) connected to my tv. I had no problems up until avout a year ago. Sometimes it copioes almost the full DVD and then stops. I have heard that slowing the speed might help, but I don;t see an option for that. Also, I got another program (I am not allowed to mention the name of it on this site), that would allow me to copy the DVd to my harddrive. That way I can see if an error shows up before I waste a disk (I have made a lot of coasters). Sometimes the first movie is ok, but errors occur in the second one. Yet, I don't know which files to copy onto a disk so that it will play back in my DVD recorder/player. Anyway, I can't copy DVD's with Record Now anymore. Gracie
  4. gracie

    Recordnow Is A Big Problem

    To Ogdens: How does IE and WMP get involved when I am using Record Now? When that is the only program open and operating at the time? The last time I tried to back up a DVD I made on my DVD Recorder (Magnavox) I disconnected my Internet Connection so that nothing could interfere while I made the copy. I had no other programs on at the time. Could something else on my computer have done an automatic type of action while I was out of the room? Would Windows Media Player have tried to interfere? Is there a setting that I should change so that no media player opens up automatically? Right now I cannot even open Dell Media Experience (not sure what happened there). Thanks Gracie
  5. gracie

    Recordnow Is A Big Problem

    THIS IS GRACIE: Please note, I was not trying to "defeat copy protection", as indicated in Brendan's note below (not sure how to reconnect with Brendan). My issue was copying disks made by me (not commerically produced disks). I was just explaining how using another program --I found out how to save the fist disk to my hard drive without using a new disk. This other program also gave more information about the errors happening. Therefore, if there was a technical problem on the disk, I would not waste another disk (copying onto it). I thought this might be helpful to SmartArt so he could see if there was a particular error on his disk that made it so that he could not add to it. It might also help others who are also having problems with Record Now.
  6. gracie

    Recordnow Is A Big Problem

    I was jsut on Roxio Website. They mentioned a malisious problem coming from vewing something over Internet Explorer that causes a problem. See this page: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/recordnow...re_updates.html
  7. gracie

    Recordnow Is A Big Problem

    I have had problems with SONIC Record Now, too. I am not sure exactly which option you are using. One thing I noticed is that if you start off with choosing a "DATA Disc," you can usually add more files onto it. This works with music on CD's (just don't choose exact copy or you can't add on more later). Maybe you are already doing it this way. <snip> GOOD LUCK off-topic material about how to defeat the copy protection and load DVDs to hard drive removed by Brendon. That material is unlawful now, so Roxio can't host it on Roxio boards.
  8. HELP!!!!!!! I wrote a long detailed blog on April 9 : but no response. So I am making it somewhat shorter. (refer to the older one if need more details or ask me questions). I have been having problems copying DVD's for a couple of months. I record DVDs from a DVD recorder (Magnavox) attached to my TV and make copies from my computer. I did not have problems for about the first 1 ½ to 2 years. The started making coasters. Sometime sit works and sometimes it goes almost all the way and stops, saying there was “a problem...” I have tried various brands of discs—don’t think that is the problem. I have a Dell Dimension 8300 (2004), Pentium 4, Windows XP Professional, using Sonic (now Roxio) Record Now Deluxe for Dell (v 6) for burning. Names of drives in my first post (long version)—but I don’t think it makes any difference as I changed them to new drives and have the same problem. The latest burner is Phillips 20x DVD + RW/ CD, etc. Combo burner OEM SPD2413BM/17. I have tried several solutions, including upgrading the Sonic px engine suggested in another blog, but no difference. seen mention of changing speeds to a lower speed, but I don’t see an option for that in Record Now program. I installed DVD Decrypter and tried to copy to Hardrive, but it still stopped a point and got more error messages. It does seem to be a “reading error.” I don’t know what this means. What cannot read the file? Could there be some other software or hardware or controllers causing the problem? . I have no way of telling if it is in the hardware. When I check my system—it always says that the hardware is operating correctly. Or could a code put in by the original DVD recorder be at fault? I am suspecting that there may be issues from some of Windows updates or other programs interfering. Can’t prove it though. I get these error codes: px.dll: pxafs.dll: pxdrv.dll: pxmas.dll: pxsfs.dll: pxwave.dll: pxwma.dll: I would appreciate any suggestions or assistance that anyone can give me. I am at a loss. HELP!!!!!!!
  9. gracie

    Help! Mpeg Error

    I am not an expiert, but from some problems I have had, you might check this out-- 1) See if you can find out what format your video was saved in from the source program. Was it MPEG? I don't know if there are different types of MPEG files. Perhaps there were choices as to which format you would want it saved in when you made it. I have made VCD before on 3D Album (very simple program) and they asked for a choice of format. If you have this option, you might be able to go back into the program, call up the video and re-save it in the MPEG format. 2) When you are trying to copy the DVD, choose "exact" copy. I may have misunderstood your question. I was thinking that you were trying to copy a DVD you already made. If this is about the FIRST burning of a DVD from the My DVD program, then maybe there are options within that program regarding the format. I have MyDVD, but have not used it. But I am having problems with it's companion program (Sonic, now Roxio) Record Now. I get n error copying a DVD recorded from another source (DVD recorder connected to TV). It is from 2004 version and had no problems until recent months. I am beginnign to wonder if some of the Windows updates may be interfering with these programs. I have researched the blogs--some suggestions are: reinstalling driver, updating firmware, etc. So far, nothing has helped me, even repplacing both DVD drives (ROM & burner). another forum to try is http://forums.afterdawn.com that deals with Roxio programs I hope something above gives you some ideas. Good Luck.
  10. I have been having problems copying DVD's for a couple of months. I have a Dell Dimension 8300 (2004), Pentium 4, Windows XP Professional with Sonic My DVD Deluxe with Record Now. The system started out with one Samsung SD-616E HH 16X DVD (Rom drive) in one drive spot and another TEAC DVD+RW DV-W58E burner. I record DVD's from a DVD recorder connected to my TV & satellite dish. Then I copy those on my computer, using the CD/DVD Rom to play and the burner to record. For at least 2-3 years, I had no problems--only an occasional coaster made. However, within the last couple of months, I have had problems. I downloaded firmware for the Samsung. It made no difference. It came to a point when I could not even read a CD or DVD or ROMs on the Samsung, so I replaced it with a SONY CRX320EE (OEM) CD/DVD Rom Drive (also burns CD's). Then I could read and play on this drive, but I still had problems burning DVD's on the other drive. I wondered whether it was playing them good enough for transfer. Sometimes some DVD’s would not play on the computer with this drive. Other times, it would. Sometimes I can burn one just fine. But many other times, it stops--often after it has already burned almost the entire disc. Then it stops. I have researched on various sites to see what could be the problem. I reinstalled the driver that came with DELL system. According to my computer, there was no update to my driver. I thought maybe the DVD burner was bad, so I replaced it with a Phillips SPD2413BM/17 (OEM) that will copy DVD+R 20x speed burner. I still have the same problem. I got a stack of Verbatim and thought maybe it was the brand--but I have tried various brands, including Memorex and SONY. I thought it might be scratches on the DVD's I was trying to copy, but newly recorded ones also did the same thing. I have checked various blogs and heard about possibly do I need firmware? I am not sure what firmware is, but I suspected it might be an update to a driver--but could not find anything that seemed like it would work for me. I heard that maybe one of the Windows XP updates might be causing the problem and there is a hotfix--but cannot be certain so do not want to chance it if that is not the problem. I gamble on the fact that it does not always happen and tried again to copy a DVD. Then when it happened that last time, I noticed that I could get more details. When searching on this site, I found another person that had the same exact issue. [keshav taparia Dec 17 2007, 08:16 AM at http://forums.support.roxio.com/lofiversio...php/t32317.html] But I did not know how to post my issue in the same forum and there was no answer to his issue yet. Sometimes it stops immediately. When the burning stops, I get a message that "there has been a problem burning.... and to retry or but in a blank disk." If I retry--it stops again with the same message. If I put in a new one, the same thing happens. I have lots of coasters! I thought that maybe something going on behind the scenes on my computer was interfering making it stop. Now I turned off all automatic updates and everything that I know of so that nothing else is running when I am making a copy. Maybe there are other things going on that are hidden--I don't know. I have tried everything. What could be the problem? I get these error codes: px.dll: pxafs.dll: pxdrv.dll: pxmas.dll: pxsfs.dll: pxwave.dll: pxwma.dll: HELP!!!!!!! I would appreciate any suggestions or assistance that anyone can give me. I am at a loss. I have no way of telling if it is in the hardware. When I check my system0—it always says that the hardware is operating correctly. I have changed the drives—same things happen. I really think it is something in the software system and am not sure how to correct it.