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    Does Roxio Make Software To Interface With Moto Dvr?

    I was just going to use a USB data transfer cable or was going to look into useing firwire however my comp does not have a firewire port so I would have to look into getting some sort of adapter. I'm not really crazy about useing adpters so I would most likely try the USB transfer cable first. I am interested in finding out what type of file formate woukld be used with my DVR before buying the cable because they are expensive. I work at Office Depot and can get one there for around $50. When and if I find this info out I will post it here for other to use or if anyone knows where I can go to find this info out I would be most appreciative. Rob
  2. Hello, I'm very very much interested in copying my recorded TV shows and recorded movies from the Comcast provided Motorola DVR. I have seen that roxio has made such an animal in Toast that will accomplish this feat using a MAC and interfacing with TiVO. My question is does roxio make something for the PC that will do the samething except with my Cable service providers Motorola DVR? Thanks, Rob