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    Where is 7.1.3 updater?

    I did that. They come back to Roxio's update page which does not have Toast 7 updates. Is there a specific site that you can point to that has the update, and is not a torrent?
  2. santacruztacean

    Where is 7.1.3 updater?

    The update page no longer has Toast7 updates. Does anyone know where I can get the update?
  3. santacruztacean

    Toast 7 .0.2 problems

    If Roxio had a functional tech support system, there wouldn't be these rants. Instead, the only responses I ever see is "try another brand of Media" and "get the latest firmware update for your drive". Duh. And have you ever tried the TwilightZone "Ask Rozanne" merry-go-round? If Roxio doesn't get its act together, I for one won't be a future customer.
  4. santacruztacean

    Toast hangs and wont force quit

    If you REALLY want frustration, try Roxio's support system "Ask Roxann".
  5. santacruztacean

    New Toast - Cant Burn Cd

    Dude - in my case it's NOT the media. I don't get an error message: instead, Toast freezes and I get a spinning beach ball. Media works fine w/ Toast 6.1.1, and w/ mac Disc Burner - so it's NOT the media or the burner hardware. Works fine burning data CDs - problem is copying (non-protected) CDs.
  6. santacruztacean

    New Toast - Cant Burn Cd

    Are you trying to copy a CD? If so, there are others who are having the same problem (myself included). See the thread "Help - copy function causes crash". I've determined that it's a Toast7 issue, because Mac's Disk Utility + Burner works fine using the same media and burner. I've also tried in vain to get online support but it's a joke. No email address to write to. Endless non-help from Roxanne. I live 1/2 hr. from Roxio headquarters in Santa Clara, but I have to call Toronto for help? I'm considering the 30 day refund policy if things aren't resolved.
  7. santacruztacean

    Help! Copy Function Causes Crash!

    Is anyone from Roxio reading this?
  8. santacruztacean

    Help! Copy Function Causes Crash!

    I have 7 new coasters that I made this weekend, trying to copy an audio CD that I'd made last year. Using 7.0.2 and current OS Tiger on a 450mHz G4. New Sony DRX810UL/T and 48x TDK media. I deleted prefs, fixed permissions.... I tried burning at 48x, 24x, 12x..... It would hang at different tracks each time; Abort did nothing, so I tried to force-quit Toast and that didn't work either. I had to do a hard re-boots. I also tried burning from disk image - no luck. I finally succeeded when I switched to a G3 iBook running 6.1.1 and latest OS Tiger. I'm wondering if Toast 7.0.2 has a problem copying audio CDs at speeds higher than 4x. I've had no problems copying DVD movies at 16x (or DL at 8x) or duping CD data disks at 48x. If there is a work-around procedure, I'd like to know about it because I don't need anymore coasters.