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    Problems With Xp

    I recently built a new computer. Asus A8N5X motherboard, AMD 3200 processor, XP Pro with SP2. I installed Easy Media Creator 8, and hate it. It burns CD-Data, and CD-Audio properly, but I can't open any of my old projects created with CD Creator 5. I also can't open any of my old labels made with the Label Maker that was part of CD Creator 5. I tried to install CD Creator 5 Platinum on my new computer and when I restarted, Windows wouldn't boot up. I was able to do a system restore and get it back to normal. I found the update patch, and the DVD drive patch. I was able to install CD Creator 5, and the 2 updates successully. The label maker works properly. The CD burning does not. The program fully starts up, and I can open all my old projects, and create new ones, but when I burn them, it will write the Table of Contents, but after that it freezes. My DVD drive is DRW-1608P2 Easy CD Creator driveup 5.3.5v installed At the bottom of the CD Creator window, it does display the drive data - DRW-1608P2. Under Tools - CD Drive Properties, it dispalys both my DVD-ROM drive (E:) and the DVD-RW drive (F:) Under F:, it again shows the DRW-1608P2, Firmware Rev. 1.17, Address 3:1:0. I never get any warning message popping up. If anyone could offer any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Michael