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  1. I was wondering if you could help answer some questions I have regarding this software program. 1) On reviewing information regarding its functions, I have found that Roxio does not formerly list support for Dolby Pro Logic II for Crunch, whereas it is listed as a function of Popcorn 3... is it supported in Crunch? 2) Will Crunch AppleTV files play via frontrow if an alias folder is created in my movies folder from an external drive? thanks in advance!
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    Fix Forum Time...

    it seems that the time is off for the forum, how do i go about changing it to correspond with my timezone? thanks!
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    How Does This Progran Compare?

    I am trying to decide which program to use to convert DVDs to Apple TV... at this point the options are Popcorn 3, HandBrake, VisualHub and DVDRemaster Pro. With Popcorn 3, do you have the ability to select the audio and video tracks from the DVD? Also, what is the output file like for the Apple TV profile... is it like HandBrake where the output file maintains the original aspect ratio, removes the black bars to conserve encoded space and includes both AAC and AC3? thanks in advance!