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    Toast 14 Announced

    New in Toast 14 is Toast Audio Assistant 1.0. What does this program allow you to do? Is it similar to CD Spin Doctor which came with older versions of Toast? Since CD Spin Doctor does not work properly with Mavericks, I have been using Audio Hijack 3 to capture system audio and then edit with Fission. Will Toast Audio Assistant both capture and edit system audio all in the same program?
  2. jimity

    Streaming Audio Recording Problems

    I tried the new beta version of CD Spin Doctor v5.0.2.633t sent to me but with less success than before. I have two hard drives in my computer, one running Tiger and the other Leopard. Under Leopard after installing and restarting, it was possible to select CD Spin Doctor Capture Support as the sound output, but there was no similar option to choose it for the sound input. In the previous version of Spin Doctor v5.0.1.617t, it was possible to choose CD Spin Doctor Capture Support for both the sound input and output. With the new beta version sent to me, since it was not possible to choose CD Spin Doctor Capture Support as the sound input, there was no sound heard to record. When I tried the beta version running under Tiger, there was no option to choose CD Spin Doctor Capture Support for sound input or sound output. The Extension file CDSDAudioCaptureSupport.kext was created in both systems after installing Audio Capture Support although the one created in Tiger was only 260 KB in size whereas the one in Leopard was 1.3 MB in size
  3. jimity

    Streaming Audio Recording Problems

    I too have a distortion problem when trying to capture streaming audio using Spin Doctor 5. Most of the audio sounds ok but a few seconds of each attempt will be distorted. It's almost as if the available ram fills up and then when the audio is written to the hard drive distortion occurs. I have gone back to my previous method to capture audio which is to use WireTap Pro. WireTap Pro creates a file which I convert to an AIFF file using iTunes which then can be opened in Spin Doctor. This file can be edited in Spin Doctor and then sent back to iTunes in mp3 form. I had hoped that Spin Doctor 5 would have made this process shorter and easier. I have also gone back to using Spin Doctor 4 since using the present version of Spin Doctor 5 is unacceptable.