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  1. I keep getting an error code 325484656 when I try to burn a blu ray disc. I do have the blu ray plugin and have burned a lot of discs, but now I keep getting this error. It happens during burning after the files are encoded. So it starts the burn and then gets the error, so now the disc is ruined.
  2. A few years ago I had disc burning issues with NXT 5 pro and support ended up having me do a complete uninstall and reinstall. After that it ran perfectly. Now I'm having the same issues with 6 and I was wondering if anybody knows the list of files that need to be deleted for a complete uninstall?
  3. kmd45heels

    Can I author bluray discs

    I just upgraded to NXT Pro 6 and I'm wondering if I can author and burn bluray discs. I do have a bluray burner.
  4. I just upgraded to v6 and now in Photosuite when I'm done with a picture it hangs and doesn't save. Also sometimes it will not open a picture until I restart computer. Its not a memory issue because other photo software I have will open everything and save everything.
  5. kmd45heels

    Should Be Aac?

    I was using the Roxio Audio Converter to batch convert my music from the WAV files that I have to the AAC files that my IPOD needs. I set the output to IPOD (Good quality) AAC, and ran the converter. When it was finished I chcked the output files and they were not AAC they were M4A.
  6. kmd45heels

    DAO is back

    Back when I had Creator 9 the DAO error was common in all parts of Creator, but I recently upgraded to 2010 Pro and thought that DAO was a thing of the past. Yesterday I tried to open Photosuite for the first time, shades of version 9 The DAO error is back, I have the solution for version 9 which I found on this message board, but it does not work for the new version. Any ideas?
  7. kmd45heels

    DAO is back

    Yes I do have an older ATI All in Wonder, and an older version of M.S. Office, so put the 2 of these together with Creator products and the DAO error is a real pain in the A__.
  8. kmd45heels

    DAO is back

    Sorry it took me so long to reply but I was out of town with a death in the family. I forgot that you could get rid of the DAO error by uninstalling it, I could'nt do that with v9 because my office program stopped working, but this time everything works fine and I don't get the error message.
  9. My local BJ's Warehouse Club has started selling Creator 2010 Special Edition for less then $60.00, I was wondering what is the "Special Edition"?
  10. kmd45heels

    Divx To Dvd

    I am trying to find out if it is possable to convert divx video files to a dvd that is playable in any set top dvd player?
  11. kmd45heels

    Photosuite 9 multiple printing

    I just recently upgraded from EMC 7, to EMC 9, and now I went to print some pictures out thru Photosuite 9 but I can only open and print 1 picture at a time. In version 7 I was able to open a lot of pictures and print them all without resetting the printphoto screen each time.
  12. I have a really long video file that I want to put on a dvd, but the file is too big for 1 dvd. Does anyone know if its possable to do a multi-disc burn or do I have to manually split the file in Videowave 7?