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    creating audio cd

    they are from online P2P downloads. They have always worked in the recent past. Yes, I'm using the create an audio cd.
  2. jtownjim

    creating audio cd

    When I try and burn an audio cd I open creator classic. Any songs I click on won't play in preview, and they don't always go down to project list when i click on add to project. Even on the rare occasion they do add to the project list, i still can't click on play and have them preview for me. i tried uninstalling the program and re-installing it and it still won't work. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. I made a slideshow using photos I downloaded to my harddrive in jpeg. The photos were deleted. I still have the slideshow. Is there a way I can extract or download individual photos from the slideshow so I can make prints of it?