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    Sorry this won't be much help but if you'd read about my problems last year with EMC 7 Plus the first unsuccessful update PLUS the second unsuccessful update you would have done what I have done and not touched EMC again and crossed to Pinnacle. Roxio never "improve" their product without worsening its other features and/or stability. This decline started with version 4 after the take-over from Adaptec (then an excellent program). They take no notice of customer feedback and rely on their spending money, through the despair that you exhibit, on the new version. The only ECM program I use now is Photosuite (6) which IS a good program and free from bugs. ECM 7 caused massive problems with other utility programs such as back up, laplink and others. Other programs refer to its probelms on their help pages.Over the version changes I reckon I have spent about £350 over the years on a program I no longer have confidence in using! (Photosuite is, of course, available as a stand alone program.)