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  1. don't recall ever having this happen before. I used Toast 11.0.6 to convert my 40 second .mpg video from my camera to a quicktime movie. The conversion starts and after a few seconds it "dings" saying it is done. When I open the file, only a few seconds are converted. I tried converting to other formats with same results. Any suggestions? I have converted movies in the past without problem.
  2. rksinc57

    Writing Lead-out Takes About 4 Minutes

    I have a MacBook Pro and Toast 8 and am using Sony DVD-R media. I recently upgraded to Toast 8.0.4. When making a DVD video, after the copying is completed and the menu goes to "Writing lead-out", the DVD stops spinning and the menu just sits there for about 4 minutes with nothing happening. Then, all of a sudden the disc spins up, the lead-out finishes and the disc is ejected. Why the long wait? Is this a problem with the software?